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Summer Punch Detox, a botanical cocktail for your summer

A botanical cocktail with a bitter, herbaceous and citrusy flavor made with a special ingredient: our Remedium n. 7 - Detox.

A botanical cocktail inspired by a herbal tea

Last month we attended an event organized by UniSG and, together with Velier, we created a cocktail based on rum and one of our herbal teas, Remedium n. 7 – Detox. The result is a botanical drink that officially gives a high five to summer.

The combination of herbal teas + mixology is much more than a passing trend: aromatic herbs are in fact one of the pillars of our Mediterranean cuisine and, together with spices, they prove to be an incredible ingredient to inspire, flavor and enrich creations in the kitchen and behind the bar counter . Much more than an unusual and original addition, they are the ideal elixir for the summer season.

The special recipe of our Remedium n. 7 – Detox offers pleasantly bitter and herbaceous note to the drink, as well as helping the body to purify itself of toxic substances that accumulate over time, reduce inflammation and improve muscle and skin tone.

Summer Punch Detox, un cocktail botanico per la tua estate

What’s inside: the ingredients of the Summer Punch Detox botanical cocktail

All you need for the Summer Punch Detox cocktail are:

  • Remedium n. 7 Detox – Wilden.herbals
  • Rum Pusser’s
  • Bitter
  • Juice and zest of 1 lemon
  • Sugar

And now, let’s get down to the preparation!

How to make the Summer Punch Detox botanical cocktail

These are the doses we suggest for 4 cocktails.

  • Let the lemon peels rest for 3/4 hours in 100 grams of white sugar: this way you will have a citrus-scented sugar!
  • Prepare the herbal tea with 1 bag of Remedium n. 7 – Detox infused in 1 liter of cold or room temperature water (here we tell you how): 12 cl / 120 ml of herbal tea is enough for 4 cocktails.
  • Squeeze 6 cl of lemon juice, you just need half of 1 lemon.
  • When everything is ready, mix with 18 cl of Rum Pusser’s.
  • After everything is assembled, remove the lemon peels, season with some spice (we recommend cardamom or nutmeg or cinnamon) and let it rest in the fridge.
  • Adjust with a little bitter (we recommend Angostura).
  • Serve in a glass with ice.

Enjoy it cold and tell us if, now that you ‘ve tasted it, you could no longer do without it!

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