We offer tailor-made solutions for our corporate clients: no matter what your need, our team will be happy to assist you and satisfy your requests.

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Looking for a tasty alternative to tea and coffee? Our herbal teas are versatile and know how to surprise: try them also in the kitchen and in cocktails.

Let’s rethink the classic coffee break together with a proposal based on herbal teas. We create a new regenerating moment tailored to your team.

Our functional herbal teas are designed for your health and well-being. Based on medicinal plants, they support you in times of need.

Your new daily ritual is born from the power of medicinal plants. Herbal teas and drinks with a contemporary taste for an authentic sensory experience.
For precious moments of well-being, health and pleasure.

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Through its products, Wilden offers ecosystem services and sustainable development and educates to a healthy lifestyle with respect for nature.

We offer tailor-made solutions for the world of hospitality, developing projects designed ad hoc for every need of our customers. Would you like to know more? Write to us

Knowing and studying plants is science, but it is also education. Wilden offers herb discovery and counseling services, through workshops designed to suit any audience.

We think that training is an essential moment of discovery. For this reason, Wilden makes training sessions available to insiders to discover plants and their benefits.

Wilden is a project with broad visions and, when necessary, knows how to get an unprecedented experience of contact with nature through moments of sharing, events and exchange of ideas.

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