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Boost Collins by Walter Gosso

Citrus fruits, Ramsbury Gin and Remedium n. 2 - Boost. A fresh and drinkable cocktail, created by Rinaldi's 1957 Advocacy Manager Walter Gosso.

Walter Gosso is a real ambassador of good drinking. With a career of important awards, Rinaldi’s 1957 Advocacy Manager reveals his recipe with our Remedium n.2 – Boost:


  • 1 lemon 
  • 50 ml gin 
  • 2 cl saffron sirup
  • soda 
  • 1 Remedium n.2 – Boost teabag


Infuse the tea bag of Remedium n.2 – Boost overnight. Then add the cold herbal tea to the soda. With the saffron left to rest previously, create a saffron syrup. Pour 50 ml of gin, 2 cl of saffron syrup into a glass and finish everything with the neutral soda to which you have added the infusion of herbal tea Remedium n.2 – Boost. Garnish with ice for an “on the rocks” effect and add black cherries.

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