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Remedia Line

It’s the line of Wilden herbal teas to find the right balance, follow your rhythms and give you daily support on every occasion, from morning until evening. This line is designed to instill well-being with infusions with balanced flavors and synergistic effects.

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.0 · Morning

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.1 · Night

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.2 · Boost

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.3 · Digestive

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.4 · Hangover

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.5 · Focus

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.6 · Relax

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.7 · Detox

Organic herbal tea Remedium n.8 · Reborn

Health Line

It’s the line of Wilden herbal teas to give concrete support through the active ingredients and the synergistic action of officinal plants. This line is designed to support during specific moments in our lives.

Wilden Health Line


Why settle for just one when you can have them all?

Choose the quantity of tea bags you want and turn our Remedia into a playful mix.

Create your custom recipe for well-being.

Stay fresh with our fermented drinks

Frècc is our idea of fermented herbal drinks. Born from the desire to bring herbs to a highly drinkable ready-to-drink beverage. The Frècc line has a sparkly great texture, a good acidity and a persistent aroma that invites you to drink it, sip after sip.


Beauty lies in small things.
Wilden.herbals’ pantry is a special place. Take a look inside: you will find excellent products made by manufacturers who, just like us, firmly believe in beauty and goodness.

Our textile creations inspired by nature

Everything you need to complete your experience

Sometimes a simple accessory can make the difference.
Here is a selection of what we love to call “a few nice additions”: a series of accessories to be combined with our herbal teas.

Treat yourself and your loved ones

Create your own perfect moment with the right ingredients. Or, why not?, with a magic box.
Wilden.herbals’ gift boxes are designed for tasty, healthy and wild breaks.