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Cold herbal tea recipe – Remedium n. 7 – Detox

The recipe for cold herbal tea with our Remedium n. 7 - Detox (with artichoke, helichrysum and milk thistle) is the certified remedy against summer heat.

Summer, the season of cold herbal teas. For us it’s also synonymous with experiments, research, continuous tests with infusion times and different water temperatures – tests that have led us, the Wilden.herbals team, to the perfect recipe for cold herbal tea. If the topic intrigues you, read a dedicated in-depth study here. For a full-tasting aromatic water, leave our Remedia in cold infusion for at least 6 hours, but remember that it’s after 12 to 24 hours that you’ll be able to savor all the aromatic complexity of our herbal teas!

Cold herbal tea: purify yourself with Remedium n. 7 – Detox

When we designed Remedium n. 7 – Detox, we thought of a specific herbal tea with a purifying action, ideal for eliminating accumulated toxins, perfect for starting a new rhythm and lifestyle. Inside Remedium n. 7 – Detox  you’ll find a harmonious balance between sweet, bitter and balsamic: asperula, helichrysum, ginger, artichoke, fenugreek, milk thistle, nettle and horsetail.

How to prepare a cold herbal tea: the recipe for our Remedium n. 7 – Detox

Why limit yourself to one recipe only? Experiment with 3 alternatives and different degrees of infusion:

Recipe with a hot infusion which is then cooled

  1. mix 50 ml of hot water at 95 ° with another 200 ml of cold water after 7 minutes of hot infusion;
  2. it’s ready to drink it after 2 hours of infusion or wait 8 hours of infusion, adding shaken ice in the transition between hot and cold water;
  3. put it in the fridge after 3 hours of infusion, remove the filter after 5 hours and store it for 2/3 days.

Recipe with a cold infusion using water at room temperature:

  1. use 250 ml of water at room temperature;
  2. it’s ready to drink after 3/4 hours of infusion;
  3. keep it in the fridge after 30 minutes of infusion, without the filter for max. 2/3 days.

Recipe with a cold infusion using cold water:

  1. use 250 ml of still water at 4-6°;
  2. it’s ready to drink after 6/8 hours of infusion;
  3. store in fridge for up to 2 days with the filter.

A full-detox advice? Our advice for being full-detox? Make a commitment to drink at least 2 liters of water a day, prefer foods rich in antioxidants, cut back on salt, and if you feel like it, try high-temperature yoga exercises.