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Italian organic herbal teas: what are the benefits and when to drink them

What are we talking about when we talk about Italian organic herbal teas?

In this article we clarify a term on everyone’s lips by revealing a world of herbs and raw materials in harmony with nature. A well-being that, from agriculture, ends up in your cup.

What are the best organic herbal teas

You may have often asked yourself this question, whether you are a lover of tea or organic herbal teas. The fundamental elements that make a truly quality organic herbal tea are essentially four:

  • Certified organic ingredients

Behind an organic herbal tea, there is a conscious choice of superior certified organic raw materials in support of sustainable agriculture free of chemical elements and artificial additives. We at Wilden.herbals have embraced this important commitment to protect our ecosystem and to spark change.

  • A packaging that respects nature

Having a positive impact on the environment means starting with a completely biodegradable product. For our Wilden.herbals organic herbal teas we have chosen a compostable filter, TÜV certified in compliance with European legislation, biodegradable paper bag and a fully recyclable case.

  • Plants in herbal tea cut

The secret behind the best organic herbal teas for us at Wilden are the medicinal plants in herbal tea cut. Herbal tea cut defines a plant cut in a specific way and intended for preparations such as decoctions and infusions. An herbal tea cut herb is larger in size and therefore clearly distinguishable from the other elements in the filter, with a bright, uniform and intense color.

  • Made in Italy craftsmanship

You might not notice it at first, but when a product is Made in Italy you’ll feel it: especially from the careful manufacturing process that, thanks to an attractive design, is capable of communicating its quality  and then from the whole concept of the product, capable of becoming transversal, eternal and pleasant.

What are herbal teas good for

Herbal tea is preceded by its own fame: its history is so ancient that it might as well have existed forever and this underlines that very important link between man and medicinal plants. Drinking herbal tea is the most immediate way to enjoy the properties of plants, barks, herbs and spices. 

The infusion enhances both the taste and the beneficial action of each plant (draining, energetic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and so many others). It’s good for the body, mind and spirit and establishes a real positive ritual. Furthermore, let’s not forget that an organic herbal tea can be an excellent alternative to coffee, especially for those looking for a purifying and relaxing action.

When is the best time to drink herbal tea

If we at Wilden.herbals were to answer you, we would tell you that it’s always time for a good cup of organic herbal tea! Our project was born precisely to undermine the idea that herbal tea and infusions were to be consumed exclusively in the evening or before going to sleep.

That’s why we like to think that there is a time for every type of herbal tea: as soon as you wake up, when you need a boost of energy; after hearty meals, when you feel in need of something detoxifying, when you need to concentrate, whether it’s morning or afternoon. Take a look at the diagram below:

What are infusions and organic herbal teas for?

First off, let’s shed some light: infusion and herbal tea are not the same. If the former is made from flowers and leaves, the latter is the combination of at least three medicinal plants, combined to enhance each other’s active ingredients. We use herbal teas to support our body and benefit from their properties:

  • digestive, like our Remedium n. 3 – Digestive, designed to give the right lightness after a particularly heavy lunch, to protect the liver and;

Organic herbal teas, loose leaf or single bag: choose what fit best your lifestyle

Wilden.herbals is synonymous with Italian organic herbal teas of the highest quality. With us you can choose the loose leaf format in a tin can, the box with 10 single bags or a cotton bag with 30 single bags: in all of these you will find the goodness of certified organic herbs and herbal teas.

And if a single recipe box format is not enough for your taste, you can create your own mix with all the flavors you want. This is what we like to call good organic well-being!