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Herbal teas in the morning: from waking up to breakfast

Good Morning, Wilden! In this article we talk about those precious moments of early daylight.

You may not know it, but people are divided into two groups: those who hate the morning (think about: alarm clocks, leaving the bed, starting work) and those who love it without reserve (and this time concentrate on the sun from the window and the infinite possibilities offered by the day).

Whether you are for the former or for the latter, this article is dedicated to those looking for a way to wake up better. Obviously with our herbal teas. So it’s time: c’mon, wake up!

Why is drinking herbal tea in the morning a good idea

We believe that the magic formula to start a new day lies in a cup of herbal tea capable of tickling a good mood, giving us the right amount of energy and relaxation and infusing a positive vibe. The secret is all in the right mix of herbs: each ingredient contained in an herbal tea has an active ingredient and a specific benefit on the body.

Wilden’s herbal teas are defined as functional because they exploit the properties of each herb to promote well-being in the body, spirit and mind at different times of the day – especially in a delicate moment like the morning when we need a boost to confront a new day.

An alternative to coffee: a good awakening with herbal tea

Italian culture is deeply rooted in the binomial awakening = coffee and for many, imagining a morning without this precious ally is almost pure science fiction. We have good news: there is not only coffee to get your brain moving, you can choose from a world of herbs expertly designed for your morning well-being.

The exciting and invigorating properties of coffee, especially if consumed in excessive quantities, are counterbalanced by quite a few contraindications – like stomach discomfort, tachycardia, insomnia, headache and irritability. Begin today to consider a healthier alternative such as herbal tea – we will give you some excellent reasons right away:

  • with herbal tea you can eliminate toxins and stimulate energy and positivity;
  • herbs help circulation and rehydration – say goodbye, once and for all, to that feeling of heaviness that never seems to go away;
  • a cup of herbal tea not only quenches your thirst in a natural way but helps you relax and reduce the sense of anxiety.
Simple cup of herbal organic infusion hold by a hand with line-pattern fabrics

Our Morning herbal tea, perfect for an energetic breakfast

The very first herbal tea we created was Remedium n. 0 – Morning: a declaration of intent to get away from the idea of herbal tea as an exclusively evening habit and a starting point to imagine a line of herbal teas dedicated to various moments and uses.i.

Remedium n. 0 – Morning is a blend of plants to start the day with a smile, with the right foot and, of course, with a taste capable of awakening the body and mind.

Inside Morning you will find a mix of plants and herbs that includes:

  • cocoa, the perfect substitute for caffeine: rich in mineral salts, proteins, polyphenols and serotonin which trigger a positive effect on the mood;
  • cinnamon, rich in vitamins and antioxidants: is recommended to fight cellular aging. Consumed in the morning it is an excellent healthy habit;
  • honeybush and rooibos, both theine and caffeine free, are viable alternatives to traditional coffee and tea. Take them in the morning: they will help you start the day with more momentum;
  • St. John’s wort and red poppy, natural antidepressants, they are your trump card against stress, anxiety, insomnia and to improve the mood;
  • Siberian ginseng, full of tonic and stimulating properties, it promotes the body’s natural defenses and intellectual functions in moments of fatigue.

Feeling down? Our Boost herbal tea is here to refill your energy

You know those days when it seems impossible to get yourself out of low gear? We do, and that’s why we created Remedium n.2 – Boost, the herbal tea rich in antioxidant and immunostimulating properties capable of giving you that extra-charge you need in the morning.

Remedium n.2 – Boost is a tonic and energizing blend designed to protect the body but also to help you wake up better and start any activity you have on your calendar.

Among the 9 herbs of Boost recipe you’ll find:

  • bay leaf, well known against seasonal influences: also “famous” for awakening the mind and for increasing the dynamism of the body and intellect;
  • sweet orange peel, because when consumed in the morning has a powerful energizing effect;
  • lemongrass and echinacea, a golden team to tone the body and help the immune system in case of headaches and muscle pain;
  • turmeric, very rich in anti-inflammatory properties: if taken at the beginning of the day paired with black pepper, it also helps the food digestion;
  • ginger, an essential element for your morning routine. It helps to awaken your energy and start the day with more vigor.
Square open package of herbal infusion Remedium Morning with single tea bag and herbs
Square open package of herbal infusion Remedium Boost with single tea bag and herbs

Herbal teas that adapt to your way of life in the morning

Each of us experiences the everyday awakening in a unique way. 

There are mornings when you need to recover from epic evenings, and then your morning ritual will be Remedium n. 4 – Hangover; or there are mornings when you want to start with a purification program: so Remedium n. 7 – Detox will be exactly the answer you were looking for; but there could also be mornings when you need to concentrate – for studying, for working or to put yourself into an activity – and therefore Remedium n.5 – Focus is just what is right for you.

Morning is the time to welcome new thoughts, to breathe, to feel joy. Whatever your idea of the morning, Wilden herbal teas are ready to be infused and to infuse you with all the well-being you want.