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Herbal teas to concentrate: study, smart working, meditation

If you have recently found yourself distracted, unable to concentrate or simply felt on a whole other planet, the solution may lie in a cup of herbal tea with a balanced mix of herbs.

Whether you are studying, working from home or looking for an inner balance, this article is dedicated to you.

Le tisane per concentrarsi: studio, smartworking, meditazione

Being here now: the power of concentration

Notifications and distractions. Excessive mental stimuli. Tasks to complete. Video calls to join. Lack of fixed times. Smartworking stress. If all this sounds familiar, you are in excellent company.

According to Johann Hari’s newly released best-selling book Stolen Focus: Why Can’t You Pay Attention, echoed also in an article on The Guardian, our society is increasingly creating a culture based on multitasking. The consequences can be summarized in a sentence from the book: “Nowadays there is no way to have a normal brain”.

To relearn to be “present in the present”, a very important mental state can come to our aid – one that, apparently, we have forgotten to practice: concentration.

Herbal teas that help concentration: how and why

You may not know it, but concentration works like a muscle: the more we exercise it, the better the results. And, as in any exercise, a natural consequence is the creation of a cycle of daily and punctual habits.

The rituality of herbal tea can help you mark the exercise of concentration and allows you to escape the time of distraction and the rhythms of multitasking. The time dedicated to herbal tea is the time of deep connection with your inner world: a healthy practice, full of awareness.

Moreover, in a cup of herbal tea you will find those precious active ingredients of herbs that counteract the use of caffeine, a stimulant responsible for anxiety and nervousness.

Herbal teas to concentrate during study and work

Wilden’s herbal teas are designed for different times of the day and to support you like a friend would. Like when that very important exam is just a short distance away or when there’s a project that doesn’t let you sleep well at night or when you have to tackle a new job that requires considerable effort.

It is exactly for moments like these that we at Wilden have created Remedium n. 5 – Focus,  an infusion made to think, re-elaborate thoughts and dedicate the right amount of concentration and lucidity during the most intense study and work sessions, especially if you are working from home or smart working.

Focus‘ winning formula is a perfect balance of herbs that naturally stimulate our mind:

  • mate, an exceptional substitute for caffeine, with properties that help concentration;
  • rosemary and basil to enhance mental tone and increase levels of attention, alertness and long-term memory;
  • mint, a natural tonic for the nervous system, ideal for students who feel under pressure;
  • ginkgo biloba, whose active ingredients are perfect for regaining mental freshness and stimulating cognitive abilities;
  • rhodiola, effective in counteracting stress and improving mental performance.

Herbal teas to meditate and to take time for yourself

Concentration does not only go well with study, work and hobbies but is at the basis of a mental change typical of mindfulness and meditation: dedicating time to taking care of ourselves (like reading a book, preparing a recipe, listening to music) is simply necessary to recharge our batteries.

The Remedium n.6 – Relax is the Wilden herbal tea specifically designed to help you take a break, slow down and create the right atmosphere to reconnect with yourself. But we also like to think that it can be an aid to return to the present by getting away from stress and distractions.

Relax’s herbal blend contains rosemary, which we have seen to be perfect for increasing the concentration threshold, but also:

  • lavender, a plant that regulates the heart, has a relaxing action, making the mood more stable by relaxing the nerves and deep-rooted tensions;
  • laurel, whose essential oil has stimulating properties and strengthens the attention;
  • passionflower, which has a sedative and calming action on the nervous system and promotes relaxation of the body and relieves stress;
  • verbena and juniper, two calming and mood-balancing plants.

Recover your lost concentration now with Remedium n. 5 – Focus and Remedium n. 6 – Relax. Our advice is to start with small steps, gradually trying to be more present to you, your loved ones and your duties without pressure or distraction.

Amplify the moments dedicated to you and to what makes you feel good. The best thing is that you will always have an excellent infusion with plants cut for teas next to you.