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Ginkgo: story of a millenarian and beneficial plant

The benefits of ginkgo are as many as its years of history. Let’s discover common practices, properties and effects of this millenarian plant.

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What are the properties of ginko biloba?
What are the positive effects of ginko biloba?
How to use ginko biloba?

In this article we talk about ginkgo biloba, its properties, benefits and extract.

Ginkgo has ancient origins and a venerable fossil record. This tree dates back until 250 millions years ago and, besides being full of history, has a lot of interesting properties.

Ginkgo is considered as an ornamental plant in China and Japan and can be recognized by their fan-shaped leaves. Not only a stunning tree but also good, ginkgo is an essential ally against a series of physical issues. Curious to discover which? Read on.

What are the properties of ginko biloba?

Ginkgo is useful for the nervous and circulatory system and it’s a veritable breath of fresh air for the whole body as it stimulates the basic cell communication. Natural elixir of life, ginkgo fights free radicals thanks to flavonoids and polyphenols.

What are the positive effects of ginko biloba?

Drinking a ginkgo herbal tea can produce positive effects on your whole body. Ginkgo has a vasoconstrictor action and it protects veins, arteries and capillaries. It’s a natural supplement for students: it helps focusing and guarantees an excellent performance in exams and tests.

How to use ginko biloba?

Ginkgo is commonly consumed in extracts and it’s perfect to get back in shape and find the right focus. Leading ingredient of our Remedium n.0 – Morning, ginkgo will help wake you up in style and full of energy.

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