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Mindfulness and Wilden.herbals: story of a sensory tasting

MensCorpore has created for Wilden.herbals a unique experience. Using the five senses, the Wilden Experience is an invitation to slowness and self-awareness. Here is the story.

When it comes to mindfulness, the first image that comes to mind is awareness. A breathing present, completing a systemic and systematic work on the body in what appears as a break from the daily grind. Wilden.herbals, along with MensCorpore, has created a sensory tasting experience, which constitutes an act of frontrunners in that small cultural revolution that aims to rediscover slowness starting from a simple tea bag.

Mindfulness: history

An increasingly widespread and appreciated practice in a world that travels fast and only in dramatic contexts can stop, Mindfulness draws on the precepts of Buddhism without however boasting of its religious component. It is not just a set of customs and good habits, because mindfulness is a virtuous and conscious lifestyle.

Nicola and Alessandra Castelli – founders of MensCorpore, a reality that deals with practices related to well-being and self-care –, are convinced of the revolutionary power of mindfulness and for Wilden.herbals they have developed an unique and “wild” experience.

Wilden Experience and MensCorpore

Starting right from the breath and from our position in the space – indoor or outdoor – the Wilden Experience guides us calmly to observation. For a moment we stop our electric and pulsating body and refine the senses to listen to our rhythms.

Slowly the story leads us to discover and enjoy a Wilden.herbals tea bag from all sensory points, stimulating them and sublimating the perception of the product, which becomes so vehicle of that slowness that we expected to embrace.

The tasting thus becomes a sensory path that is not limited to the mere consummation to provide for a need of the body. Often, in fact, herbal teas are the prerogative of certain psycho-physical or weather situations, eg. I’m sick, it’s winter outside, etc.

Through the work of MensCorpore, in fact, we learn to rediscover and give proper time to a practice that can convey well-being, giving us a renewed time: here the audio to listen and do the Wilden Experience, take all your time and enjoy it!

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© Carlotta Coppo