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Starting again from your own: the intimate and wild exploration of MensCorpore

Invitation to reflection, cult of slowness and rediscovery of the values ​​that count. MensCorpore, aka Alessandra and Nicola Castelli, tells us about his project of mindfulness and connection to nature.

MensCorpore is a reality that deals with health education in the broadest sense of the term. Its activities, live or remote, are for individuals and organizations and they revolve around six fundamental dimensions: Body – Heart – Mind – Nutrition – Relationships – Environment, the six Sources of Well-Being.

For Wilden, Menscorpore has created an herbal tea tasting experience through the five senses, a mindfulness practice to get to know through the senses and give yourself the right time to taste every tactile, visual, olfactory and finally gustatory component of the herbal tea.

Background: Where did your career as trainers come from?

Beyond the specific personal paths, what we have in common is the deep passion for the growth and learning potential of human beings as individuals and even more when they interact within a group. Facilitating those processes, creating favorable conditions for action and at the same time stimulating conscious reflection is what we love to do. MensCorpore is the “container of meaning” that best sums up all this and much more.

Plants and Nature: an anecdote in your life/profession.

On the Tortona hills we have a small Timorasso vineyard, which we have been taking care of for several years now. It is a kind of Zen exercise, not always easy or light, which helps us, however, to disconnect from the sometimes frenetic rhythms and artifacts of city life to bring us back to the more silent and essential ones of nature. It is a hidden place in the middle of the greenery that pacifies the mind, it is a true extended family. It is connection with the earth. Last but not least: it is the pleasure of drinking a good glass of your wine! For now it is a passion, who knows in the future.

When do you feel “healthy and wild”?

When we laugh out loud with friends; when we are moved by the spontaneous, delicate and powerful tenderness of children; when we voraciously drink wonderful fresh water after a long labor or when we walk in silence in a wood and we seem to breathe at its rhythm. We feel “healthy and wild” when we play with the waves, plunging into the waves, triggered when we dance to the tune of a pizzica, a rhapsody of klezmer or Afro-Cuban son.

If I said “Share Your Nature”, what would you tell me?

We would say that it is not possible to do otherwise. Interdependence is an existential condition, living means sharing, willingly or unwillingly. The personal destiny is inextricably tied to the actions of our fellow men, the integrity of the physical environment and natural that we inhabit, and to the delicate balance of the planet that sustains us (literally!). This is why it is so important to realize this by cultivating awareness.

Can you tell us about the Wilden Experience?

Talking about awareness, the Wilden Experience is a mindfulness practice that revolves around the infusion, with all the stimuli and perceptive anchors it offers: from the choice of ingredients to their manipulation, from the creation of an original mixture to the real and own tasting. A sensory journey through aromas, flavors and colors, to create connection with the group and with themselves, experimenting and cultivating a “meditative approach” to be enjoyed far beyond the specific experience.

Next week the track of the first Wilden Experience will be released on Sani and Selvaggi. Stay tuned!

With your eyes closed, during the Wilden Experience meditation practice held in Cuccagna florist in Milan in November 2019
Wilden Experience: a practice to take time for yourself and to expand the beneficial virtues of the Wilden infusion

© Carlotta Coppo