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Coffee break? No, thanks, herbal tea for me!

Another coffee break is possible. Wilden.herbals wants to shift focus on drinks that adapt to circadian rhythms and go along the natural flow of your day.

For us virtuous companies are the ones which are more careful to corporate welfare, sustainability and care of their employees. We have started from these points to rethink coffee break: our mission is to reduce caffeine consumption and to transform every pause into a moment of well-being and regeneration. Here are the reasons why your business should choose Wilden.herbals now.

Why you should consume herbal teas at work

In times like this when cases of mental health and stress-related disorders are increasing dramatically, the best companies will encourage their employees to follow a healthy work routine. Promoting the consumption of herbal teas in the office and at home has many advantages:

  • the time needed to prepare and consume a herbal tea turns the pause into a real break moment;
  • the infusion is a relaxing drink, but it’s highly adaptable to the rhythms of the body; moreover it has a tonic and relaxing power according to your needs;
  • it does not need to be sweetened and it favors the natural purification of the body.

To us offering a beneficial product like a quality herbal tea means being a courageous and innovative company. Choosing to promote an energizing yet caffeine-free beverage is a typical feature of those nonconformist companies that aim to retain their employees through small meaningful gestures.
When we talk about teas and infusions, we generally think of sweet drinks. What Wilden.herbals offers companies is so much more. It is a healthy, invigorating, energizing solution – with no added sugar or flavors. Drinking herbal tea at work allows you to take a moment to yourself and to instill well-being without affecting your productivity.

Herbal teas for your company

Are you considering contacting your company manager to integrate your break room (currently filled with instant coffees, sweetened tea-flavored drinks and prepackaged snacks) with beneficial and healthy herbal teas. Perfect, we are here for you:

  • Together with your company we can study a dedicated corner in your break room: it will be equipped with a kettle, cups, posters and a table display for the tea bags. Speaking of which: did you know that all our packs are 100% compostable? (Find out more here).
  • You can sell our infusions in dedicated vending machines.
  • We can also offer subscriptions for employees: they can comfortably receive our products at the office and prepare their infusions when they want just by using an electric kettle.
  • Have you got other ideas? Contact us on info@wildenherbals.com: let’s talk about it!

The best Wilden.herbals infusions for the office life

Our herbal teas – Remedium Line – are designed to support you at any time of the day. In our opinion, the most suitable ones for the office life are:

  • Remedium 0 – Morning is Wilden’s first herbal tea. The dried herbs blend is a perfect morning tonic and energizer to start the day. For those who say “that’s enough!” to the third cup of coffee and prefer the natural action of plants to get off to a good start.
  • Remedium 2 – Boost is a blend rich in antioxidant and immunostimulating properties, capable of boosting the immune system, protecting the body from risk and preventing and treating cold symptoms. Perfect for those moments when you’re not at your best, but deadlines can’t wait!
  • Remedium – 5 Focus  is for contemplative moments. This well-balanced herbal tea is full of flavors and aromas useful to rediscover harmony and to sublimate every break. The perfect drink to find the right focus after your mid-morning or afternoon break.

The other Remedia in our line are:

  • Remedium 1 – Night,  herbal tea with calming and sedative properties, perfect to reconcile sleep, to improve sleep quality and to end a long day in a nice way. For those who like to stay late at the office, but want to “disconnect” before going home.
  • Remedium 3 – Digestive, herbal tea with a fresh and light taste you can appreciate after every meal; it promotes digestion and a correct intestinal cycle. When the lunchbox is a bit hearty or the umpteenth sandwich is difficult to digest.
  • Remedium 4 – Hangover,  a complex recipe made up of 12 herbs selected to guarantee a regenerating feeling and to restart your day in the best possible way, especially if you are hungover. Let’s confess it, it has occured to everyone: being at the office and staring at the PC with vacant eyes and a banging headache after an animated evening? If you want your liver, stomach and intestines to stay healthy and to add a pinch of energy, drink this Remedium: you will thank us!
Herbal organic tea in single sustainable design package

Our services for companies and freelancers who become Wilden lovers

Wilden.herbals can create customizable corporate benefits to companies’ employees in remote working or working at the office. The same thing is designed also for freelancers who work independently.

  • With our subscription box, Wilden. herbals become a little relaxing moment directly at your door or to your office;
  • Herbal teas as a corporate benefit is an investment your company can deduct from taxes;
  • With Wilden you can create a customized package for your final customer’s needs;
  • We provide customized and tailor-made services and consultancies and creation service (see next paragraph);
  • Dedicated extra product services: we can create team building and mindfulness experiences in collaboration with our partner MensCorpore.

How to choose Wilden.herbals for corporate gifts

Tired of USB pens, panettone and salami? Would you like to give your employees or customers a new, sustainable, well-finished and innovative made in Italy product as a present?

We can provide your company with small and elegant gifts like cotton pouches customizable with your logo: they can contain a 6 Remedia tasting kit. Eager for more? Flexibility is our forte: you can decide among customizable boxes with loose leaf herbal teas or tea bags and complementary products. By choosing Wilden.herbals for your corporate gifts, you will convey important values like sustainability, care, elegance and well-being.

Have we convinced you? Are you looking forward to bringing our products into your company? Write to us at info@wildenherbals.com and you’ll have all the answers to your questions!