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The truth about individually wrapped tea bags: advantages for the hospitality industry

When safety and hygiene of a single-dose format combine with sustainability, the result is a simply perfect solution. With Wilden.herbals hotels, restaurants, bars and catering services will find what they are looking for - especially if they want to pamper their customers with a quality product! All of this without sacrificing the proper care to the environment.

Purists may consider tea or herbal tea only in loose leaf but Wilden.herbals has wanted to debunk this myth opting for a more practical solution since day one: tea bags made of compostable materials. Starting from this format, Wilden.herbals pushed itself to design an individually wrapped tea bag with all the useful information on it, ready to be sold in stores as well as in bars, restaurants and hotels. In this uncertain time where the single-dose format is essential more than ever, we chose to combine safety and sustainability in a unique solution.
Let’s discover the multiple advantages of this format for the hospitality industry.

Colored herbal tea bags with herbs

Hygiene and safety. 100% guaranteed with the mono-dose format

It’s not a mystery: the most popular words in the hospitality industry has recently become “safety”, “hygiene”, “respect”, “tidiness”: in addition to that, any little quality care, especially if linked to the sanitary point of view, will be increasingly welcome as well as being synonymous with the concept of respectability of a restaurant, bar or hotel.

In the newest decree-law (April 22, 2021, n.52) we’ve read about how hotels and restaurants will be able to organize a self-service mode for buffets, provided that this will be made exclusively with products packaged in mono-dose format.The fascinating vintage glass jar with loose leaf tea has been thus replaced by tea bags, the majority of these containing a pulverized mix of low-quality herbs, packaged in paper filters and leaving an unpleasant aftertaste…but are sure this is the only option? Since day one Wilden.herbals has chosen a compostable tea bag which doesn’t alter the taste of the ingredients inside it and which is ideal to host herbs cut for tea, a specific larger cut that allows a better infusion and an extraction of the noblest properties of our ingredients. The performance of this specific cut is comparable to loose leaf tea – with the advantage of being practical and highly hygienic.

Sustainability. Say yes to mono-dose formats and to environmental awareness!

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental standard for the hospitality industry. Just to get an idea how this topic cannot be ignored, take a look at the Illy Bar of the Year award: the 2022 edition has included sustainability as a standard criterion in order to support the eco-friendly approach embraced by many bars in the post-pandemic context.Mono-dose format can be misunderstood as an anti-sustainable choice. Yes, wraps made of plastic or other non-biodegradable materials for disposable products make consumers more and more hesitant at the time of purchase. That’s why Wilden.herbals has selected 100% compostable and biodegradable materials for its tea bags. From the filter to the overwrap, every element can be thrown in the organic domestic waste. Learn more here.

Simple cup of herbal organic infusion with line-pattern fabrics
Fully compostable and biodegradable sachet and overwrapping

Delivery. When an experience becomes THE experience

Since 2020 Italian hospitality business has strengthened its take-away and home delivery service and has aligned with the European and US standards where the “To Go” option is a very common request. The individually wrapped tea bag allows the customer to indulge in an extra gratification, a fulfillment of the experience at a modest cost and to increase the retailer’s c the average receipt (+ € 1.00-1.50 each tea bag).
Let’s make an example. Let’s imagine a super busy manager rushing to its first morning meeting: she enters her favourite bar and, in addition to coffee, she buys something else. She chooses to create her herbal tea kit for her working day (Remedium n.0 – Morning, ideal to start off on the right foot the day; then Remedium n. 5 – Focus, for the coffee break; at last Remedium n. 3 – Digestive, for the after meal); the bar can set up a dedicated corner and leave the customer free to choose the ideal quantity and type.

Flexibility. A single bag for many uses

Speaking about hotels, we’ve thought about the various uses of an individually wrapped tea bag which can guarantee practicality and flexibility to the accommodation facility: just imagine our Wilden.herbals Remedium line in an elegant table display for your breakfast buffet or in a farmhouse surrounded by greenery. Or when entering the room, the guest can find a tasting kit with Wilden.herbals Remedia as pillow amenity. And again, the hotel’s shop or bar can sell the most popular Remedia tea bags in a pick-and-mix format in order to give the guest all the freedom to create his/her own cotton pouch as a souvenir or as a travel kit for the return journey.
These are just a few possible suggestions to use a product born to be flexible, practical and good: the market’s and our customers’ demands are ever changing especially in this specific historical period and are a constant inspiration to create new dedicated formats, blends and display.

Our cotton bag with the bags of your choice

If this article has intrigued you or if you think Wilden.herbals tea bags or other our products can boost the product selection of your business, or if you would like to find them at your favourite bar, hotel or restaurant (or even farmhouse, why not?!), then write to info@wildenherbals.com.