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The truth about individually wrapped tea bags: advantages for retail stores

Se per i puristi tè e tisane possono realizzarsi solamente a partire da piante sfuse, Wilden.herbals ha optato fin dalla sua nascita per una bustina in materiali compostabili.

If purists consider tea or herbal tea only in loose leaf, Wilden.herbals prefers a more practical version of it: tea bags. Ours are compostable and don’t alter the taste of the herbs inside them. Plus, they host herbs cut for tea, a specific larger cut that allows a better infusion and an extraction of the noblest properties of our ingredients. A result comparable to brewing loose leaf tea, with the handiness of a tea bag.

Starting from this format, Wilden.herbals pushed itself to design an individually wrapped tea bag with all the useful information on it, ready to be sold. This product is incredibly versatile and right for all sales channels, from the hospitality industry to retail. The topic of this article is just the latter: let’s discover the multiple advantages of this format for sellers and customers.

Woven bag with organic herbal infusions and single bags

A small expense and an opportunity to experiment

A fresh brand needs some time to become well known and to be loved by customers. A catchy and appealing packaging is surely one of our strong points. Organic certification is another one. But all of this is not enough to inspire and engage customers. That’s why an individually wrapped tea bag allows to give the product a try and to taste every flavour (we have 6 Remedia for now) with a small expense. Customers can discover their favourite Remedium with a test kit – one tea bag at a time.

According to your sales channel (but always referring to a domestic consumption of our herbal teas), store owners can take advantage of some interesting cross-selling opportunities. A wineshop can match a bottle of wine to our Hangover herbal tea; a bookstore might combine a book with our Focus tea bag; a pharmacist can suggest our Boost tea bag together with some flu treatments. There are endless possibilities: the single tea bag is the perfect chance to introduce the product to the customer – leveraging on the small price.

Customer loyalty, step by step

If your customer feels free to give the product a try or to experiment with no minimum order required (but indeed with a small expense), loyalty opportunities might be higher and long-lasting. The discovery of the whole range, one tea bag at a time, will create a hype effect and will offer a really unique experience.

A sustainable tea bag – even if single-dose

Single-dose is synonym to anti-sustainability most of the time. Plastic wraps or other non-biodegradable materials for little products are more and more criticized by consumers at the time of purchase. Environmental awareness is increasingly important year after year. With this spirit Wilden.herbals has selected 100% compostable and biodegradable materials for its tea bags. From sachet to wrap, every element can be thrown in the organic domestic waste. Learn more here.

Colored herbal tea bags with herbs

Extreme versatility in gifts

A key activity for stores and shops is customization. A single tea bag allows you to create a 100% tailor-made gift whether the customer chooses the quantity and the type of herbal teas or in the cross-selling options combined with other products. The items customers can match to a tea bag are almost infinite: you can add it to a bouquet flower instead of a more traditional card; to a book for a true invitation to relax; to a knit kit or, more simply, to a handmade ceramic mug.

Cup of herbal infusion styled with colors, geometric forms, orange zest and black spoon

Delivery – fulfillment of an experience

Since 2020 more and more businesses – including retail sales – have increased their take-away and/or home delivery service. Here too, the individually sold bag allows the customer to indulge in an extra gratification, a fulfillment of the experience at a modest cost. And at the same time the retailer can increase the average receipt (+ € 1.00-1.50).

If this article has intrigued you or if you think Wilden.herbals tea bags or other our products can boost the product selection of your shop, or if you would like to find them at your favourite store, then write to info@wildenherbals.com 

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