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A new herbal tea to slow down. Welcome to our new addition: Remedium n.6 – Relax

There is a new recipe and a new herbal tea from Wilden.herbals. It's called Relax and it's made to embrace a new slowness. Let us tell you all about it.

Wilden.herbals was born in 2019 and started taking its first steps before the pandemic. At the beginning of 2020 we entered the market with 5 herbal teas and, after about a year of lockdown, social distancing and a new normal, we developed a sixth herbal tea, called Focus, created to meditate, reflect and grow resilient.

Today, almost at the end of another year, we can finally celebrate a new herbal tea that has been a long time coming and that we can’t wait to have you try: finally the new Remedium n.6 – Relax is joining our extended family!

Remedium n.6 - Relaxation

How the Remedium n.6 – Relax came to be

You may not know this but when we started imagining the linea Remedia, it was quite difficult to choose which recipe to start with. The starting point of everything was the Remedium n°0 – Morning:  for us, herbal teas and infusions are to be enjoyed all day long (starting from the early morning!), which is why we wanted to distance ourselves from the stereotype of exclusively evening consumption.

Our mission was to unhinge the imagination of the “good night tea” and introduce the ritual of the herbal tea as an elixir that adapts to different moments, needs and daily moods, ideal for everyone but especially for those with a hectic lifestyle.

Starting from these premises the Remedium n.6 – Relax came to be a perfect herbal tea to unwind and slow down the rhythm. Preparatory to meditation and times of rest, thanks to its relaxing properties and its aromatic scents, the Relax (yes, we love to shorten it like that!) is the optimal companion to introduce you to a moment of quiet dedicated to yourself.

Who is the Remedium n.6 – Relax for: our golden tips

We conceived Remedium n.6 – Relax for all those moments of peace: an herbal tea that induces you to let the pleasure of time flow, especially that of quality. But still it is an herbal tea that sets the pace, it can help to slow down at the end of the day, to better savor the grand finale, or better yet it can be enjoyed at the beginning of the day, when we need to make time for us.

But don’t be fooled by the name: Relax is not a herbal tea for sleeping with sedative properties (we have the Night for that!) but it is an herbal tea that helps you think. It will accompany you on quiet days or make you set time aside to enjoy its rich flavor and balsamic perfume to tackle busier days.

Remedium n.6 – Relax is an infusion capable of guiding you towards a slower, more meditated breath, that will allow you to linger on readings, immerse yourself in a jazz piece or keep you company in the kitchen when making cookies.

Inside Remedium n.6 – Relax: herbs e pairings

Speaking of diving, how about exploring the herbs of this new herbal tea with us? Inside the Relax you will find passion flower, rosemary, bay leaf, juniper, thyme, lavender, verbena, fennel and hawthorn. Relax is our first infusion with plants entirely born and raised in the Mediterranean and it has a delicate and deep taste: if you close your eyes it is capable of transporting you into the fragrant landscapes of the maquis.

And now some obligatory tips: the serving suggestions. Relax goes very well with autumn meals, baked goods, leavened products for breakfast as well as shortbread biscuits as a snack. And besides food? Relax is highly recommended together with fictional novels, walks among the chestnut trees and near the lit fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket.

Try our new Remedium n.6 – Relax