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A natural revolution

Certified organic ingredients, sourcing from producers, compostable and recyclable packaging. Here is Wilden. herbals manifesto, a project that promises to educate the world about slowness, starting from an herbal tea.

The salvation of the world is in the wild nature

Henry David Thoreau

Wilden. herbals adventure began with a lack, but most of all started with natural herbal teas from organic farming, which promote plant education and a sustainable and ‘wild’ lifestyle.

Founders Nicola Robecchi, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Tommaso Albonetti
Founders Nicola Robecchi, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Tommaso Albonetti

Wilden. herbals – a sustainable project

Wilden. herbals journey – neologism inspired by Thoreau – begins with a chat between old friends, a gastronomist, a photographer and a pharmacist. Nicola Robecchi, Delfino Sisto Legnani and Tommaso Albonetti realize that “the industry had greatly trivialized the concept of infusions”, giving way to fast and frenetic consumption, devoted to profit.

Wilden. herbals was therefore created to celebrate the wild and the sustainable, some key elements of personal well-being, but also wants to promulgate a conscious lifestyle and to do so it begins to develop herbal teas called Remedia.

Remedia – organic infusions for your daily well-being

Sustainable and quality, Remedia are composed of a mix of wild herbs capable of guaranteeing the right support depending on the time of day. There are five in total: Morning, Night, Boost, Digestive, Hangover and they are born from the synergy of quality ingredients and suppliers and the right balance of herbs.

Morning is an energetic and invigorating herbal tea with cinnamon and cocoa, Night, a relaxing mix of chamomile and mallow, sweet as a hug, Boost a bio infusion with antioxidant and immunostimulating properties, Digestive instead is an invigorating herbal tea ginger-based, perfect for combining digestion. The Hangover circle closes, an infusion with turmeric and cardamom for bad days. 

Wilden. herbals – the power of Made in Italy

And if it is true that the change comes from an awareness, Wilden. herbals engine is precisely the awareness of quality manufacturing made in Italy. Herbs from agriculture, therefore, but also design that is declined in a compostable packaging, biodegradable filters and a brand identity that translates the care and attention to detail that characterizes the project.

The circle ends with a continuous search for relationships – such as sourcing of producers in line with a natural philosophy – which allows Wilden. herbals to become an ambassador for a supply chain development. Starting from herbal teas, the goal is in fact to develop a whole series of products that can enter the beverage world or be used as ingredients in the kitchen.

Wilden. herbals is not a company in the canonical sense of the term. It is an incubator of ideas that, drawing on the officinal and magical tradition of plants, recognizes their properties, sublimating them through a conscious consumption in which the user can always feel himself an integral part of a true natural revolution.