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Herbal teas to cleanse yourself and feel good after the holidays

Here we are again in January, a month that is very close to our hearts: we at Wilden have always paid great attention to the rituals and cycles of nature and this month marks a new beginning and a symbolic new phase of life.

At this stage of transition we want to stay close to you and tell you how, in everyday life, you can purify yourself through our herbal teas and the herbs contained in our Remedia, making the idea of well-being your own.

Cleansing in January: why start now

In Anglo-Saxon culture there is the concept, that is now widespread also here in Italy, of Dry January, which means spending a month of purification after the Christmas holidays (with all its excesses, we can safely admit it!).
The idea is therefore a month of detox in which we at Wilden will be with you, even more so in these winter days if you are working from home. We do it with the right blend of herbal teas to be savored at the time you prefer. Of one thing we are sure: now more than ever an herbal tea, even better a mix of herbal tea, is an adaptation you can easily follow to restore the right rhythms for your body, granting moments of relaxation and relief.

Herbal teas in January: a good habit to repeat

Do you need motivation to change pace? There is a proverb that could guide you: “habit is overcome by habit”. Take this detox month as a personal challenge to shake off the old routine and try to discipline yourself to create a new, healthier habit.

Starting the year on the right foot means adopting a more conscious lifestyle that, if you find enjoyable, will be easy to carry on even beyond the first month. Our functional herbal teas can help you in this process: consumed at different times, they create a new ritual of well-being. Whether you love to start your day at dawn or enjoy the calm of the night, there is always a Wilden herbal tea ready to be infused. Take a look below.

Remedium n. 7 Detox: to purify and feel good

Among all of our herbal teas, there are two that are perfectly suited to your Dry January routine. The first one is the Remedium n. 7 – Detox, a herbal tea rich in purifying properties perfect for eliminating toxins. We suggest drinking it as soon as you wake up and away from meals. Our advice is to consume three cups a day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and a last in the evening, before going to bed.

The blend of 8 medicinal plants of the Detox herbal tea favors a detoxifying and draining action for the body: in particular, milk thistle and artichoke help the liver while equisetum and nettle support the diuretic work of the kidneys which, just like the liver, are responsible to the elimination of waste accumulated during lunches and dinners.

Remedium n. 4 Hangover: get off to a good start

Another of our herbal teas that can become your best friend this January is the Remedium n.4 – Hangover, which is particularly suitable to recover and get back to full strength after the wildest evenings of the end of the year.

The Hangover herbal tea is a synergistic set of 12 herbs created to give a regenerating and tonic sensation; fennel and turmeric are ideal for stimulating kidney and biliary liver activity, while gentian is particularly popular for its cleansing and digestive properties that go hand in hand with your best New Year resolutions and your new routine.

Now here we are at the end of the article – which in your case is just the beginning. You took the first step by reading this in-depth study, now all you have to do is to move on to practice. Then let us know: tell us what is going on with your new year full of wellness!taci come sta andando il tuo anno di benessere!