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Herbal teas for the evening: after work, before dinner and to sleep

We atWilden.herbals love that magical moment that is the evening, when the day gets warmer, more human and the frenzy of the early hours is resolved, coming full circle.

During the evening the word ‘herbal tea’ has an incredible power: it is capable of unleashing a fantasy made of slowness, time for oneself, well-being and a certain, rather instinctive, desire to follow our most natural rhythm. In the common imagination, herbal tea is synonymous with evening and for us at Wilden this combination is expressed in many ways. Let’s get a closer look.

Evening herbal teas: get your fill of benefits

Taking a relaxing herbal tea in the evening has several advantages: it is a ritual rich in beneficial properties for the nervous system and for the immune system in general. It is able to ward off all sorts of thoughts, soften nervous tics and tackle the difficulty of falling asleep, especially if you are prone to night anxieties.

An herbal tea has that indiscreet but incredible gift of adapting to your lifestyle: if stress reigns supreme day after day, if your philosophy of life is “adieu to programs and plans”, if you have embraced a slower and more conscious style, or in short whatever it is the way you like to live, get up, breathe and go to sleep, herbal teas will be able to fit into your routine to improve it.

And do you know the best part? There is not only one herbal tea for the evening but with us at Wilden you can choose the one that best suits you, your taste and your habits – or choose them all if your evenings change program frequently.

Remedium n. 6 – Relax: after work, before dinner

If when you come home or when you take a break following a productive day, you want to enjoy that fantastic interlude of after work hours before dinner, then the Remedium n. 6 – Relax is the herbal tea for you. We call it “the herbal tea to seize the moment”: sip by sip you can finally indulge in your favorite activity. We recommend taking it with reading a book, watching an episode of a guilty pleasure tv series or listening to a record you have wanted to listen to for a long time.

Among its ingredients you will find:

  • lavender and passiflora, an amazing combo to convey a relaxing action, to eradicate the deepest tensions and to promote the relaxation you need;
  • thyme, a calming botanical herb for your body and psyche that promotes sleep, relaxation and strengthens clarity, memory and concentration (but no worries, we promise you won’t fall asleep while listening to that podcast you’ve chosen to listen to on your off time!);
  • verbena, with its antispasmodic properties is a plant capable of dissolving nervous tension and facilitating relaxation;
  • hawthorn, with its vasodilating properties, balances blood pressure and restores emotional and mental serenity, giving you that good feeling of well-being.

Remedium n. 3 – Digestive: a light sensation

After dinner, specially with generous serving and if you have overestimated the superpowers of your stomach, we suggest to help digestion with a Remedium n. 3 – Digestive. We usually recommend it immediately after lunch or in the afternoon, but it can also come to the rescue in the evening after a hearty meal.

Its recipe is made of a perfectly balanced mix of ​​of fantastic herbs, but the ones that will help you feel better in the evening are:

  • ginger, excellent for promoting the digestive processes, reconciling the relaxation of the muscles and giving serenity to the mind: which are indeed no small thing;
  • lemon balm, very rich in antispasmodic and sedative properties, is frequently used to help with visceral somatization of anxiety;
  • lemon peel, before going to bed, brings numerous benefits to the body: it protects the immune system, mitigates anxiety and nervousness and is a friend of digestion;
  • rosemary, a true stomach ally, helps against gastritis, reflux and swollen stomach and promotes that sense of relaxation that we so much need in the evening.

Remedium n. 1 – Night: into the arms of Morpheus

And then there’s Remedium n. 1 – Night: a herbal tea designed, conceived and created to gently rock you to sleep when it’s time to go to bed. Each ingredient is rich in calming and sedative properties capable of reconciling sleep and improving the quality of the night’s rest. In short, there’s nothing better to end a long day.
It’s a blend of 9 herbs that creates a perfect mix: sweet orange, asperula and mallow infuse a delicate taste that tickles the palate, chamomile is the synonym par excellence of calm and restful sleep , while lemon balm, passiflora, silver lime and hawthorn act to promote a very pleasant sensation of relaxation. We are proud to present the best herbal tea for the evening and for sleeping. 

Falling asleep with a smile Detox, Hangover e Boost

Lo As we said at the beginning: each person experiences the evening in an absolutely personal way. There are those who see herbal tea as a precious ally after wild nights out (we talked about here with an in-depth analysis on Remedium n.7 – Detox and Remedium n.4 – Hangover) or those who prefer it as a support during stressful periods (and then you can turn to Remedium n. 2 – Boost that we have best described here).

The beauty, as always, is the gratifying sensation that herbal tea gives, sip after sip: a world that is released in all its aromas, tastes, flavors. A world capable of leading us during the intimate moment that is the evening.

Now it’s up to you to choose how.