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Around the world in the bartending of the future with Khris’ natural cocktails

Bartender of the RAL Cocktail Bar, Khris plays with plants and easily integrates them into her cocktails, thanks to her childhood memories.

Background: where did your Barman career come from?

My career started 5 years ago. A time that perhaps seems short, but which marks a path during which I have learned a lot and which still has many nuances, flavors and techniques to discover.

Plants and nature: an anecdote in your life/profession.

I spent my childhood in the Philippines and as a child I saw my grandmother chew tobacco leaves. A gesture that has always intrigued me and that has remained imprinted in my mind, bringing me back to one of the oldest uses of what basically began as a plant. In all my life, she is the only person I have seen do it.

Khris for Wilden’s event in November 2019

When do you feel “sana e selvaggia”?

When I travel, because it is precisely traveling that I discovered the most incredible flavors and aromas.

If I said ‘Share your Nature’, what would you tell me?

Sharing one’s nature means making it one’s own. When natural and organic come into everyday life you realize how much change is determined by small daily actions and how fundamental it is to choose carefully the products we eat.

Can you tell us your recipe?

I was inspired by the good weather, the sun and the enveloping summer air… I thought of creating a fresh and refreshing cocktail to drink under an umbrella, listening to the sound of the waves.

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