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Remedium n.5 Focus. We focus on new horizons

Mediterranean scent and energy sprint; Focus is not just a herbal tea, it is an aid to find the right concentration.

Here we are with a new product, which we are very proud of. The things we care about are the ones that excite us every time.

For us, the development of a new product begins many months before the the project is mature.

To give you an idea, the first five Remedia began to be thought about a year before Wilden.herbals itself took shape as reality. The idea is always followed by the development and this is the part we are most passionate about. It allows us to experiment, refine and find the right balance of our infusions.

Remedium n.5 Focus, an aromatic, fresh and Mediterranean herbal tea. Focus is made for thinking lucidly.

The herbal tea Remedium n.5 – Focus is made to think lucidly in order to be able to rework and deepen. The balance of this herbal tea rests on flavors and aromas capable of bringing you back into harmony with yourself, during breaks or before starting a meditation practice.

Focus wants to be an all-day companion for those who love sweet and aromatic notes of mint and basil, but also seek sweetness in the fresh taste of citrus fruits such as verbena and Moldavian lemon balm. The journey continues in flavors that refer to the Mediterranean, thanks to rosemary and the delicate perfume of pink rhodiola. All accompanied by a good slightly astringent body developed on maté, ginkgo and centella asiatica.

For us at Wilden.herbals is already a goal to be here to tell you about our new Remedium n.5, which is ready to accompany you, even in a cold version, in these next months of resilient life in which, in our way, we can try to rethink our habits. Starting from the little things, let’s try to focus our idea of well-being even more.