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Wilden.herbals for bars and pastry shops: Sandra e L’Angolo Dolce

Ci piace essere versatili e accattivanti, esploriamo e ci adattiamo ai più disparati canali di vendita, risultando sempre appropriati e in linea con l’account di riferimento. Questa volta siamo in pasticceria. Scopriamo insieme perché.

After neighborhood shops, concept stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies this time we’ve landed in Lucca at Sandra e L’Angolo Dolce, a shop mentioned in the Gambero Rosso guide among “The Best Bars in Italy“. We had the pleasure of chatting with Sandra, founder and beating heart of the pastry shop.

Sandra in her pastry shop, Lucca

Sandra e L’Angolo Dolce, tell us more about it.

The pastry shop, located in Lucca in via Borgo Giannotti, just outside the city walls, was born in 1997, but at that time it was only called L’Angolo Dolce. Over the years the place has evolved, as it should happen, and in 2011, following a thoughtful restyling, we made our shop a place where conviviality plays a fundamental role. The central counter, where our products are displayed, is the perfect place to eat, interact with customers and let the magic happen.

We also decided to add my name to the shop, Sandra: a choice dictated by the desire to literally put myself out there. I had almost exclusively always been in the laboratory, which I consider my natural habitat, but I wanted to show my face and give greater credibility to my work as an artisan; I consider it a fundamental step, especially when making important choices, as in our case.

What kind of choices?

First of all to prepare our products using only organic or natural raw materials, without additives of any kind, to obtain a “clean” product, with the shortest possible label. We try to buy exclusively from small, often local, producers. We then chose to take care of people with intolerances, who usually struggle to find something “tasty and delicious” when not at home. Even in the gluten-free and lactose-free product lines we keep away from semi-finished products and various additives.

What do your customers think of Wilden.herbals? Which one is the best seller?

Our customers who have tried Wilden.herbals infusions are so enthusiastic that they often come back to buy them or to take them as a gift. The most loved and most requested is the Remedium n.1 – Night, for its real and visible benefit in reconciling sleep and relaxation, which is much appreciated

What do you think is the connection between Sandra e L’Angolo Dolce and Wilden.herbals?

Certainly the utmost care in choosing raw materials and the desire to create a healthy, organic product.

How did this collaboration come about?

It happened by chance. I was captured by the image of your products, I don’t remember where I saw them whether in a magazine or online … But I started browsing the site first, then the social networks and I was enchanted by the history of the company, especially by the desire of young people to give life to a project whose values I personally share. So I took the initiative and contacted you!

Have you ever thought about making recipes using herbal infusions?

Of course, it’s something we already do. We use dried or infused herbs, teas and spices to make some of our desserts. I have not yet had the opportunity to experiment with the Wilden Remedia because you know, it has been such a complicated year… between closures, reduced personnel and take-away, we had to postpone the experiments… but the time will come!

Can you tell us more about your typical customer? 

Our typical customer is curious, attentive to what they buy and what they consume. They want to know everything about the ingredients and ask specific questions… someone who stays informed. They are mainly regular customers between the ages of 25 to 45 years old. We also have foreigners we like to call “regular tourists”, people who come on holiday and each time come back to visit us to try our new ideas.
What a pleasure to have discovered Wilden.herbals, I am always happy to find good things for my customers, and with you I could not have chosen better!

 Do you run a bar / bakery / pastry shop too? Would you like to propose our products? Write to us at info@wildenherbals.com, we would be happy to work with you!

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