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The power of synergies: Wilden.herbals’ friends of the year

At Wilden.herbals we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. From the very beginning we realized that enclosing the plants universe in just a cup of herbal infusion would be constraining, reductive, and simplistic.

In the last 12 months we had the pleasure to collaborate with some creators and artisan businesses – because nature speaks all the languages in the world:

Wilden.herbals for Conosco un Posto

She needs no introduction in Milan. Caterina is a great content creator and since 2014 she’s been writing about food, fashion and lifestyle places in Milan in her blog Conosco Un Posto (@conoscounposto). These are magical corners and spots where all her love for the capital of Lombardy always puts us in a good mood.
Together with Conosco Un Posto we have created two incredible gift combos to keep you company in your “Serate Anziane” (Elderly Themes Nights): our herbal teas and some super-warm cashmere and merino wool socks are a match made in heaven for your cuddly, cozy nights at home.
Here discover the article on Valentine’s Day gifts with the special edition with our Remedium n.2 – Boost and here the article of Conosco un Posto for Christmas gift ideas.

Wilden.herbals and Le Polveri

This location is quickly becoming a fixture for bread lovers here in Milan. Le Polveri (@lepolveri) is a micro-bakery founded by Aurora Zancanaro (chemist by training, baker by profession) in 2017. The flours used for their products come from small Italian artisan mills but creativity is their main ingredient.
When passion, love for good ingredients, research, scents and colors become one language, the result is unique products and perfect harmony. Together with Aurora we had the pleasure to churn out a bread made with our Hangover herbal tea (Remedium n. 4 – Hangover), super-fragrant and with a strong personality; we also created some Herbal Tea Cookies for your post dinner cuddles (to be customized with your favourite Remedium!); last but not least, our Focus Granola, crunchy, delicious, full of aromas…it’s time to debunk the myth that herbal teas must be consumed only before bedtime!
This online and offline collaboration and friendship kept us company in the last 12 months but…who knows if we have something in the works for the future!

Discover the LePolveri website here.

Hangover bread

Wild mixology with Walter Grosso

Another urban legend we need to debunk: herbal teas are only consumed when you feel sick, at home, on your couch, in your pajamas. What if we told you Wilden’s Remedia could add an unexpected twist to your homemade cocktails?Among Wilden.herbals’ friends you can meet Walter Grosso (@walter_murcielago_gosso), Rinaldi 1957 Trade Advocacy Manager and Ambassador, a real mixology culture ambassador. With him we’ve discovered the universal language of botanicals, ingredients used for infusions and herbal teas as well as for liqueurs and distillates. This different expression of fragrances and aromas really knows how to fascinate and surprise. Get enchanted by our Boost Collins with our Remedium n.2 – Boost: a citrusy, sour, refreshing, quaffable cocktail. Need I say more?

Remedium n.2 – Boost cocktail with Walter Grosso

Fresh herbs in the kitchen: Marcello Rapisardi and Giorgia Eugenia Goggi

Let’s conclude our scrapbook with two professionals who have revealed to us how our Remedia can transform themselves thanks to mastery, creativity and a pinch of imagination.

Marcello Rapisardi is the founder of the bakery lab Pasticceria e Dessert and Best Emerging Pastry Chef 2018 according to Gambero Rosso guide. He has experimented and conceived 5 recipes, both sweet and savory, making us enter a crazy-good “50 shades of Wilden” experience. Marcello created a series of meringues, quiches, pastiera featuring Wilden herbal teas: to say that it’s a wild food combination is an understatement!

Giorgia Eugenia Goggi (@giorgiaeugeniagoggi) is a young chef with a lot of experience in restaurants like Erba Brusca, Ratanà, Relæ in Copenhagen and Mãos in London. She’s now well-known for her explosive creativity and talent and to make us dream with her splendid pics since she’s become Masseria Moroseta’s Head Chef. For Wilden.herbals she has created an ice-cream which is perfect in the summertime and your relaxing moments: it’s called Goodnight fiordilatte and Eugenia has prepared it with our Remedium n. 1 – Night. 
Once again a demonstration of how the wise use of herbs, plants and roots of the highest quality can enrich the most ordinary food and the simplest tastes. 

Would you like to collaborate with Wilden.herbals and to experiment, cook, mix, bake and get to know each other sip after sip? We are excited to create new synergies! Write us at info@wildenherbals.com