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Wilden Office, the customizable herbal tea subscription for your working space

An alternative to your coffee break that is herbal tea-based, dedicated to offices or coworking spaces.

Wellness makes its entrance into the office! There’s something new we want to tell you about: alongside our classic subscription, we’ve added a new option that will allow you to share a regenerating moment of relaxation. It’s Wilden Office, designed and built for companies, offices and coworking spaces.

Wilden Office: what is it?

Are you looking for a new way to take a break? Perhaps this idea came to you after reading our article in which we explored all the benefits of taking a break from work with a herbal tea, the one in which we said that a healthy work routine is the one that allows you to listen to your needs, to disconnect, to regenerate or simply to share a moment of pleasure with the other people who populate your workspace.

Wilden Office is the subscription that you receive directly in the office or wherever your workplace is. A small virtuous choice with a big impact: instill well-being, energy and good humor, while stimulating a healthier lifestyle.

Wilden Office: why choose it?

Let’s get to practical things, here’s how Wilden Office works and what are the reasons that will convince you to choose this formula:

  • Flexibility. You choose the quantity of tea bags and the type. When you place your order, you can indicate which and how many of our 8 herbal teas from the Remedia Line you want to receive for a total of 90, 150 or 300 tea bags.
  • Periodic delivery. Your order will arrive on time every three months, but if you need to cancel or pause you can do it whenever you want, at no extra cost.
  • A dedicated price and free delivery within Milan. (See all the details in the next chapter).

Moreover, we want to add two important things.The first concerns the planet and making informed choices. Wilden has always worked with respect for the environment: our filters are compostable, the overwrap is biodegradable and the case is 100% recyclable. If you want to learn more about how we chose all our materials, we’ll tell you in detail here.

The second is about the desire to establish a wellness routine. In other words, taking the right time, savoring excellent quality products that are really good for your body and mind. These are the values that Wilden can really help introduce into your workspace.

Wilden Office: how to subscribe

At the moment we personally take care of this type of order, you will not have to complete it online but request it by email, by writing to us at info@wildenherbals.com. When you request a Wilden Office subscription, remember to leave us your billing information, including yourVAT number. With a minimum purchase of €60, you will receive a 20% discount applicable to both our subscriptions and other products on our e-commerce.

Not sure which Remedia to choose? A few tips

A healthy and tasty alternative to coffee exists. You can also read all about it here. Our Remedia Line herbal teas are born to be functional and accompany you throughout the day, but when it comes to work these are the ones we feel like recommending.

Small but important disclaimer: remember that each of us is different and the beauty of a subscription is to experiment with a mix tailored to everyone’s needs!

Nothing better than cocoa, cinnamon and gingko to start a new working morning. An herbal tea that we recommend even before sitting down at your desk or, why not, for a gourmet break.

This infusion was designed to help concentration, which is why in its recipe you will find mate, rhodiola rosea and centella asiatica. The ingredients that will help you regain mental freshness.

The new born of the Wilden family. An infusion conceived to find the right balance and to instill the necessary energy when starting a new project. It seems fitting to us as a choice for those office days when you really need to shift gear.

Do you have any other questions?

Do you like the idea of a subscription for your office but you still have a few questions for us? You may find the answer you are looking for in this article, or you can contact us at info@wildenherbals.com we will be happy to talk more about herbal teas together!