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Wilden.herbals and Pharmacies and Parapharmacies: Alkemia

Herbal teas for your well-being are now present in parapharmacies too. Wilden.herbals tells a story of a fruitful collaboration with a pharmacist in Bologna.

Wilden.herbals’ versatile spirit led us to discover the most diverse sales channels, always being in line with every client. A good example of our diversification are pharmacies and parapharmacies. Parapharmacy Alkemia in Bologna shares many values with us, first of all sustainability and love for nature. Here’s an interview to Carla, one of the three pharmacists who founded the business.

Could you give us a short description of Parapharmacy Alkemia? 

The first store Parapharmacy Alkemia opened in 2015 in the historic center of Bologna. Me, Manuela and Roberta are experienced pharmacists: we were driven by the desire to build something on our own so we created the first store Alkemia, soon followed by the second store. For us it is not just a place to shop: we wanted to enter the community and the neighborhood in a new, active way, by interacting with them on a daily basis.

What does alkemy stand for?

Alkemy is the transformation of chemical elements, a concept representing how our lives transformed into something new. For us this new adventure is a continuous growth, a constant change. Alchemy can also show how our work has been transforming day after day. We like to keep ourselves constantly updated to get to know our customers in a new and increasingly personalized way.

What do your customers think of Wilden.herbals? What’s your best selling products?

Remedium n.2 – Boost and Remedium n.4 – Hangover are surely our bestsellers: our customers have chosen them, loved them and bought them for the second time. Boost has been especially appreciated: it’s one of the few herbal teas with echinacea on the market. This formidable plant boosts our immune system and we recommended it a lot over the last months.

How did the collaboration with Wilden.herbals begin?

After the first lockdown we realized we want to give visibility to local companies, especially to those we know and that are close to our personal and professional philosophy. This is how our hashtag #alkemiatuttintorno was born: we want to introduce activities related to us on our instagram page. It was during one of our frequent visits to Forno Brisa (a young and fresh bakery here in Bologna with a forward-looking vision in line with our principles) we discovered Wilden.herbals. We were all pleasantly impressed; I’m a tea and herbal tea enthusiast, as well as a tea sommelier!

Let’s talk about plants and infusions for your well-being: how do you propose our specific herbal teas? 

Phytotherapy and herbal medicine are at the base of our suggestions to customers. We strongly believe in the use of plants for the prevention and treatment of diverse ailments: herbs and flowers are always our first answer. That’s the reason why functional and specific blends like Wilden.herbals’ teas can be associated with other herbal remedies our parapharmacy proposes.

How is the perception of customers changing in relation to the topic of food and beverage as preventive medicine?

It changed a lot, especially last year. Though an official protocol to prevent diseases and boost immunity was never provided, people were more and more careful about this topic. Food and plants, when associated with a certain lifestyle, are and will be increasingly considered as a way to prevent more or less serious and frequent diseases.

Speaking of which, what are the most common diseases of your customers?

People have several types of discomfort related to stress – in this historical moment more than ever. They are caused by our prolonged hours at home or by the constant use of PCs and smartphones. Anxiety leads to poor management of our daily tasks and to more or less accentuated sleep disorders. An advice we often give is to respect sleep/wake cycle (circadian rhythm) and to have healthy sleep habits. Rituality is fundamental.

Our motto is “Share Your Nature”. How do you interpret it?

Our profession is to “work” nature by transforming it with plants, herbs and flowers in different formulations. For us “Share Your Nature” means to spread this philosophy beyond work hours, by encouraging people to adopt a slower, healthy lifestyle and to care more about your well-being.

Do you run a pharmacy or parapharmacy too? Would you like to propose our products? Write us at info@wildenherbals.com, we will be glad to work with you!