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Nutrition for Happiness: Wilden.herbals goes to Portugal

Nutrition for Happiness is a company specialized in food consulting. It connects bars, restaurants and companies by promoting a healthy, virtuous food lifestyle.

We present you Wilden.herbals’ new commercial partner in Portugal: we have chatted with Ana Helena Pinto, nutritionist and founder, to know more about the brand’s vision.

How Nutrition for Happiness was created? Which are the goals of this project in an ever-changing market? 

Nutrition for Happiness was born as the definition of my work purpose: working in the nutrition sciences to contribute to happiness, on a personal, community and environmental level. The name, Nutrition for Happiness, was inspired by friends (on New Year’s Eve 2016) when I shared the vision of my work with them. In 2020 NFH became an official company and the team grew.
Our mission is to create food solutions for developing well-being, health and happiness at the personal level, identity and sustainability in the territories, in the companies, in the food sector and / or in the associations, at the collective level.

In a constantly changing market, innovation and personalization are some of the keys to success. Working in an integrative way with food can respond to different needs.

What challenges Nutrition for Happiness is facing during this uncertain historical time?

Fortunately this strange time, on a global scale, is time for us to grow. We officially opened as a company; we increased our team; we partnered with an innovation incubator where we now have an office to work and meet with our clients and other partners; and we started this partnership with Wilden.herbals.  For us, with adaptations and as a result of a lot of work, we are growing. We are very happy and grateful for all this.

Which is the foreseeable evolution for food and nutrition?

People’s awareness and demand is increasing. We want to eat better and responsibly.  Concern, with health but also with the social and environmental impact of our choices, is the order of the day. Consequently, food and nutrition will go more together and integrate. The future will bring us nutritious food and nutrition with responsible food.

Networking arises as an answer for a more ethical and virtuous future: how do you integrate Wilden.herbals in your process and work?

Working together and sharing the same values, empower us to be stronger, more motivated and to continue growing. At Wilden.herbals, we see consistency, quality of work and the principles of how to do the right things. We recognize the care in choosing suppliers, the detail to think about the concept and the materialization in the packaging. Integrating Wilden.herbals into our work is an honor for us. We like the idea of working together with another good team. 

For us it is an opportunity to represent and bring to Portugal a new and premium product and contribute to innovation in the beverage market. It offers the possibility of improving options without caffeine and alcohol.

Gli infusi Wilden.herbals arrivano in Portogallo

What are the advantages Wilden.herbals is going to bring to Nutrition for Happiness?

Wilden.herbals introduces Nutrition for Happiness of the product’s commercialization. So far, we are only working on services and with Wilden.herbals, we can complete our services through selling infusions. We started offering products of excellence. In addition, with Wilden.herbals, we officialize an international partnership! Now we can do more and better, together. The best is coming!

What is your definition for “Share Your Nature”?

Our nature is the best we can give to another.

Each of us is unique and particular, if we do not give our nature, no one can. Sharing our nature is a duty, a gift, it is a way to find the meaning of life and our way of perceiving ourselves.

At the same time, Mother Nature helps us find our personal nature. And in this relationship we can help others to find Nature. Wilden.herbals and Nutrition for Happiness dream of contributing to this personal and collective process.

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