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Your favourite herbal teas? Never without them!

Introducing the new “Healthy and Wild” subscription plan for every “herbal tea addicted”, at home and at work.

An ancient yet healthy ritual has flourished across Europe over the last 12 months: an unprecedented and unlimited consumption of herbal teas and infusions any time of the day, from dawn to dusk.

The reason behind this? The urgency of taking more care of ourselves, the desire to take a break from long smart working sessions without necessarily drinking another coffee, the slow hours at home and the right amount of time for infusion. All these factors have contributed to increasing the fanbase of the herbal teas addicted.

That’s why we have redesigned the “Healthy and Wildsubscription plan that allows you to choose your favorite herbal tea in the right amount of tea bags. We’ll deliver them to your door or to your office every three months – so you’ll never run out of them!

How it works

  1. Go to Wilden Home – Subscription.
  2. Choose your favourite Remedium. Undecided? You can choose more than one basing on the time of day and your herbal tea rituals.
  3. Choose the format. Single or couple? Tea addicted or occasional drinker? How many tea bags would you like? We’ll deliver the quantity you’ve chosen directly to your door, every three months.
  4. Choose the subscription period. Just for fall/winter? Or AYR (all year round)? Choose among our formats and discover how much you can save with our annual plan!
  5. Dlin dlon! Every three months (and in all seasons!) you’ll have your favourite herbal teas delivered to your door without shipping costs!
Subscription box of 60 herbal teas

Why you should get a subscription plan

1. It’s cost-effective

Let’s make things clear: by subscribing you’ll immediately save 10% on all our tea bags. Plus: forget about the shipping costs – forever! Not bad, uh? If you’ll go for an AYR (annual) plan, the advantages are even bigger. Discover more here.

Just a quick example. With your Medium plan you’ll drink a thermos/teapot of herbal tea everyday by saving 25% than ordering your daily coffee at the bar. And don’t even get me started on the amount of caffeine you would avoid!

With the first shipment, you will also be sent the cotton bags to store the herbal teas

2. It’s convenient

Our Remedia are the perfect survival kit for every season and situation. Having them delivered to your door every three months (and without any risks to run out of them!), that’ll be your turning point.

3. It’s sustainable

Sustainability is a key point and an essential state for us. Getting a subscription plan means less deliveries and C02 but more efficiency. Speaking of which: do you know every material we use is biodegradable? More here.

4. It’s full of benefits, surprises and more

We really take care of every person who embraces our cause. With your herbal tea box you’ll get an extra dose of cuddles, gifts, cards and letters made with love by our Wilden team – exclusively for you.

5. You’ll enter our community

Getting a Wilden subscription plan, you will actively support a young Made in Italy company and you’ll officially enter our “Wild and Healthy” community. We will introduce you to all the latest products and we will be happy to share with you some little secrets about herbal teas, herbs and tasting tips.

With the Wilden subscription plan we would like you to reclaim a community dimension, something everybody is missing during last year. But how? By sharing your plan with your friends! You all can benefit from the money saving plus you’ll have a good excuse to catch up over a good herbal tea mug and spend some quality time together!

6. Your well-being is assured

Did you know that all our ingredients come from medicinal herbs?

Every herbal tea is full of daily benefits: you won’t even start to worry about the undesired effects caused by an excessive consumption of caffeine, theine and added sugar.

7. …and you’ll join our contest!

Every Wilden subscriber will join the wildest lucky draw ever! Eager to know more? Just follow us!

Who is our subscription plan for

Just for you

This is for our Wilden-aficionados. For you who can sleep in golden slumber only after our Remedium n. 1 – Night; for you who will rise from the ashes with our Remedium n. 4 – Hangover. You can’t wait for your box to be delivered, can you?

You who want to reduce the amount of daily coffees and who prefer a functional, healthy beverage for your body.

You who want to support a young and sustainable project. A 100% Made in Italy company which is environmentally conscious and super careful about your well-being.

For you and your friends

Herbal tea is the new Spritz! Share your plan with one or more friends: celebrate the delivery of the new seasonal box by catching up, splitting the tea bags and exchanging the latest news.

For you and your colleagues

Virtuous offices and companies out there: this is for you! Our plan is the right reward for your employees after a challenging year. You just have to plan the most important quarter meeting to split the tea bags: it will be the perfect occasion for everybody to meet and exchange greetings before going back to home offices.

Wilden offers the opportunity to use the subscription plan as an employee benefit and, as a corporate welfare investment, it’s fully tax exempt.

For someone special (yes, it’s a gift!) 

Are you considering giving a magazine subscription plan as a present? Outdated. A Netflix plan? Boring! A public transport season ticket? You’re making us cry. Give Wilden subscription plan to your friends! It’s the perfect gift to herbal tea addicted, health-conscious, yoga lovers. Or simply to someone special.

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