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Starting over or how our limited edition Remedium n.8 – Reborn came to be

Wilden.herbals welcomes a new herbal tea that literally wants you to turn a new page in a new chapter full of well-being and energy

Summer 2022, Wilden’s team is in the Tuscan Apennines for a long weekend of teambuilding and workshops. In an isolated place, surrounded by nature and unexpectedly cool, we begin to fantasize about the projects that await us for the coming year. One question keeps popping up among everyone: why are there so many products dedicated to Christmas and so few for everything that comes after?

How the Remedium n.8 – Reborn came to be

The concept and development of this herbal tea was the result of a real team effort. If Nicola Robecchi, the founder of Wilden, was the first to put on the table the idea of finding something that could go beyond the classic Christmas product, then Sofia Tertzakian, the head of R&D, was the one to add the salient details. Sofia is first and foremost a cook, so the suggestion to find the right balance between medicinal herbs and dried fruit for a mix that can also be used in the kitchen couldn’t come from anyone but her.

Nicola pointed to two ingredients that had never been used in the other Remedia recipes: satureja (or savory), which belongs to the oregano and marjoram family, and bergamot, an ingredient traditionally linked to Earl Gray tea.Sofia, who has lived in the Far East for a long time, added lemongrass and ginger, for their refreshing power.

Apple has been added to complete the recipe, for an extra touch of sweetness and to balance the pungent flavor of bergamot, and finally lavender, for its relaxing and revitalizing properties.

Who is the Remedium n.8 – Reborn for: our golden tips

For the first time, we did not have a specific moment of the day in mind, but rather an emotion – this product is dedicated to opening up to new adventures and searching for a new balance of body and soul.

The functions of Remedium 8 – Reborn are dedicated to purification, the search for revitalization and the increase of energy. An analogy that seems very fitting to us is that of electronic devices that from time to time need an update. We too need a moment to recharge in the most literal sense possible, to find the energy for a new beginning – just like at the beginning of a new year.

This is why there is no specific time when we recommend that you drink this herbal tea: every moment is the right one if you feel you need an ally that motivates you to start over.

Its properties might remind you of our Digestive, with which it has ginger and lemongrass in common, and Boost, our formula against seasonal ailments and capable of releasing a new charge of energy.

The views of our summer workshop on the Tuscan Apennines

Inside Remedium n.8 – Reborn: herbs, taste and aroma

Before even tasting this recipe, you’ll be impressed by the scent: floral, citric and with a hint of bitterness. A playful, fresh and well balanced bouquet.

Then comes the flavor: delicate and complex at the same time, where the bitterness of the bergamot is contrasted by the sweetness of apple and lavender, and complemented by the decisive savory, reminiscent of oregano and thyme.

A complete list of all the ingredients:

Savory, Satureja hortensis (leaves)

Lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus (leaves)

Ginger, Zingiber officinale (root)

Verbena, Verbena odorosa (leave)

Lavender, Lavandula officinalis (flowers)

Apple, Malus pumila (fruit)

Bergamot, Citrus bergamia (zest)

The lavender fields of Terrafranta

Where to buy our Remedium n.8 – Reborn: pre-ordine ed events

Our Remedium n.8 – Reborn is special. We will produce it as a limited edition and you will find it in pre-order only on our online shop or physically during some of the events around Christmast time that we will take part in. 

A few dates to mark on your calendar: the pre-order will be available from November 5th and shipments will start from November 20th.

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