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The custom-made mix of herbal teas that makes the best gift for yourself

Have you ever heard about “me time”? It is an English idiom that goes very well with the concept of personalized mix by Wilden.herbals

“Me time” means quality time that we decide to dedicate to ourselves that we can shape through personal rituals. In other words, it’s one of the most effective ways to disconnect from the daily grind.

It’s with this idea in mind that we introduce a Wilden.herbals first: the custom-made mix of herbal teas.

The mix of herbal teas according to Wilden.herbals: what it is, features and formats

With Wilden.herbals you can finally make your own mix of herbal teas: it is a totally personalized order in which you can combine different herbal teas from the Remedium line, choosing the ones that most reflect your personality. This solution is for you if one single flavor box fits you tightly, if you love all of our herbal teas (and we thank you for that!) or if you want to create a mix that perfectly follows your rhythms.

Your favorite mix of flavors comes in 3 sizes: small with 24 tea bags, medium with 32 and large with 60. Whatever the size, the best part is you can sew the mix on yourself!

Why choose a mix of herbal teas: the benefits (for you and others!)

We thought of a personalized mix starting from a great truth: each of us is different and lives the daily rituals in a unique and absolutely personal way. Then we asked ourselves: how should we make the sacred moment of the herbal tea break even more free and proper? This is how an out of the box solution was born – literally “out of the box format” – which makes everything more playful.

With our mixes you can feel like a DJ sharing his favorite playlist at a party: compose your perfect mix with all the flavors you love the most and that match your lifestyle. And beside that, think about how a mix could make for a perfect tailor-made gift to the people you know best.

Running out of ideas? Here are some killer ideas for your herbal tea mix!

You are passionate about the idea but you don’t know how to harmonize our herbal teas for a truly perfect mix? No problem: any mix you compose will be right – because it will be right for you! However, if you want to start with confidence, here are some impromptu ideas:

  • our “FantaWilden Mix” 60 tea bags mix with all of the flavor: why choose if they are all for you? Rediscover well-being at any time with our functional and organic herbal teas.

Do you want to receive your mix on a regular basis? Make it a subscription!

And what if you fall in love with a mix of our herbal teas and can no longer be without it? We have a solution for this too: you can make it a subscription! This way you will receive your personalized mix every 3 months and will always have it available in the pantry and … in your cup, of course! If the idea of a subscription intrigues you, here you will find the most frequently asked questions.

Enjoy your mix!