How our subscription works

Wilden.herbals subscription allows you to have your favorite Remedium herbal teas mix delivered to your door every three months.

How many types of herbal teas can I choose?

For now you can choose the flavors you prefer and the amount of bags that suits you: 60, 90 or 150 bags.

Why should I subscribe to Wilden.herbals?

The quarterly frequency allows us to reduce the number of shipments and to have a lower environmental ecological impact. Plus: you can select the amount of bags that suits you the best. How many teacups are you going to drink in the next three months? 60, 90 or 150 bags?

What are Wilden.herbals subscription?

For every delivery you will get a special seasonal gift. Why seasonal? Well, have you noticed that it’s going to be a new different season every time we’ll deliver our herbal teas to you?

Check your inbox too: you will our Wilden.herbals digital magazine.

Every time you add a subscription plan to cart, you can continue shopping or go to the checkout. We will charge the first quarterly membership cost: 47,50€ for 60 bags, 71,50€ for 90 bags e 118,00€ for 150 bags.

How long does each subscription last? 

Once you create a new subscription, it will stay active until you decide to cancel it. Our system will charge you the subscription cost on your card every three months. Be aware: you can’t choose PayPal or Satispay as payment method for your subscription.

If you want to interrupt your subscription, just go on the “Cancel” button in the subscription section of your account.

How many people can take advantage of the subscription?

Up to 3 people! You can share the Wilden.herbals subscription with colleagues and friends.
Just indicate the name, surname and email address of the people who will share herbal teas and benefits with you.

Can I modify the amount of bags/herbal teas type of my subscription plan?

If you want the herbal teas mix or the quantity of bags, just write us at, tell us your subscription number and the changes you want to make.

We suggest you to write us up to 7 days before the new shipment: for us it will be easier to take your request into account.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care (it’s the yellow icon at the bottom of the page) or to write us at

Enjoy your subscription!