Wild Shopper – w/pocket and bottle sleeve


A nice, versatile and comfortable bag in pure heavy linen, hand dyed with natural earth pigments. Designed to hold our Kinto x Wilden.herbals thermos steady and your favorite Wilden herbal teas always with you; on the outside you can find a pocket. Essential, robust and ergonomic, it was designed to be carried to come with you to the office, to the gym or to the grocery store. Each bag is handmade and hand dyed with natural colors.

Colors: Red earth/Yellow earth

Size: 36×34 cm – front: 27×34 cm – depth: 10 cm – handles: 26 cm

“Thank you for choosing a handmade product with natural vegetable fiber fabric. We hand-dyed every piece with natural colors from plants and following Italian ancient earth pigments. The natural colors infuse a pleasant feeling of energy and tranquility. Each shade or variation of color is what makes it unique. We advise you to wash it gently at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. You can use a detergent for wool or silk, previously dissolved in water. Do not expose to the sun, do not bleach. Pay attention to acid substances.”