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Wilden.herbals x KINTO: story of a wild combo

Rediscover the pleasure of trips out of town, taking your water bottle with you. The sustainable lifestyle begins with the Wilden.herbals water bottle x KINTO, a wild and plastic free accessory.

Here we are, summer has now officially begun and we begin to gently put our noses out of the house, go to the woods – water bottle in hand – after almost bypassing spring. We take back our spaces, the noises of the wind, the cicadas. We rediscover picnics, trips out of town and sunset picnics.

We went on a trip to discover the woods of Valganna, Varese, Italy

Even before these strange months, plastic free water bottles began to make their way into our routine. Plastic is a real problem and choosing to give up the throwaway culture is – today more than ever – an ethical choice. The water bottle has therefore spread naturally, becoming a travel companion for contemporary explorers.

The water bottle: all the advantages

Think about it: we are mostly made of water. Can you imagine all the bottles we are made of? It is clear that such a consumerist lifestyle is not sustainable for the planet: the world no longer knows where to put all this glittering plastic. Therefore reuse is one of the cornerstones of Wilden.herbals ‘wild’ philosophy and the water bottle is the right accessory that we can no longer give up.

Wilden.herbals x KINTO

As always, at Wilden.herbals we look for products in line with our philosophy. After careful research and many tests, we identified the KINTO Tumblers and with them we embarked on a path of sustainable dissemination with the sound of water bottles.

The KINTO Tumblers convinced us not only for the simplicity, elegance and colors of their Day-off and Travel lines but above all for the functionality of their bottles, designed in every aesthetic and functional detail.

Travel Collection, KINTO for Wilden

KINTO Tumblers are in fact designed as water bottles in which it is possible to infuse an herbal tea, a tea or a fruit. By screwing the first cap, a comfortable consumption is guaranteed without the solid parts reaching us during consumption, easy to clean. The double bottom construction guarantees both hot and cold maintenance for about 6 hours. After this time, your infusions will gradually lose their hot-cold, ensuring an excellent yield for several hours.

Day-off Collection, KINTO for Wilden

Herbal tea in a bottle: how to prepare them

We have already told you how to prepare excellent cold herbal teas here; on these hot summer days we recommend you to leave Wilden.herbals teas to infuse in your water bottles for 8h cold. The infusion will take place slowly and the extraction of the aromas will be different than hot, but still very pleasant and capable of flavoring your water while traveling. Here are some preparation tips for your Wilden.herbals infusion in water bottle.


Pour water at 95 ° into the bottle, leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes, then remove the tea bag and close both caps to keep the heat.


Remove the piece of compostable paper from the thread of the pyramid bag, pour cold water into the bottle, immerse the Wilden.herbals infusion inside the bottle and close both caps. Shake the bottle vigorously for 30 seconds and leave to infuse for about 8 hours or one night. Use a tea bag for every half liter of water. After the first infusion, you can add more water, repeating the operation.

When you prepare your infusion in a bottle, remember to use water that is already cold or hot and not put it in the refrigerator to let it cool. KINTO water bottles are made of an insulating chamber with a double layer that does its job very well!

Now that you have discovered the advantages of water bottles and the pleasure of a cold herbal tea, tell us about your wild journeys with Wilden.herbals x KINTO with tag @wilden.herbals!