Cooked Carob Organic (100ml)


To make Cotto di Carrube, Fratelli Ferrante uses the carob beans from their fields, which grow luxuriantly in a totally natural way.

The carob cooked has a syrupy consistency, it is made by concentration at low temperature (about 55°C) of a cold infusion of water and broken carob. The Company was inspired by what is called Vino Cotto or Mosto Cotto di Carrube but, unlike the traditional recipe, that of Fratelli Ferrante does not want it cooked at high temperatures, to ensure that the caramelization of the sugars is avoided, and thus obtaining a product with an intense aroma of carob rather than caramel like that of tradition.

How to use: Excellent for variegating ice cream or yoghurt. it gives great satisfaction if combined with raw meat or as a glaze to be used in cooking. The combination with aged cheeses is strongly recommended. When mixed, it gives life to cocktails with a unique character.

Try it as a base for making sauces such as vinaigrette, citronette or oriental and American-inspired sauces.

Quantity: 100ml.