Alpine Honey (240g)


Alpino is a compote based on acacia honey, the bud and essential oils of mountain pine.

The use of the mountain pine gem to obtain extracts, solutions or ointments is a tradition rooted in the pharmacopoeia of the Dolomites. The plant is a needle that grows between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level. Due to the extreme hardness of the mountain environment it is forced to grow close to the rocks, it has no vertical development.

For this reason it is possible to reach the terminal parts of the plant and detach the resin-rich gem. Harvest day is a day of celebration.

The first week of June we climb the mountain very early and by noon 3000 small gems have been collected. Lunch is at Malga Bodrina in Ton, where the entire gathering group (4-6 people) sits at the table with the shepherds for a lunch of polenta, game and typical sauerkraut.