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Tricks and tips to manage anxiety and stress during the day – with some help from officinal herbs

Our days are filled with stressors and surprises. Let's explore some tips and tricks to keep a positive, calm energy during the whole day.

In this article we would look into managing stress as well as tricks on how to begin your morning in a way set for a great day. Herbals offer great advantages to our energy levels as well as controlling our anxieties. 

Things to do to avoid stress in the morning

The best way to start your day right is actually having a good night sleep. Sleep is essential in all of our body functions (hormones, glucose levels) as well as mental functions (emotions, thoughts). Ideally sleep should be around 7-8 hours daily, with as little interruptions as possible (turn lights off, block street noise, and turn off your cell phones!). 

Sleep is also altered by what we do before going to bed. We recommend no coffee for at least 6 hours, and no screens for at least 1. Setting our minds ready for sleep will also help us sleep better during the night, and wake up more energised in the morning

When we wake up, avoid looking at your phone first thing in the morning! Take a few minutes to acknowledge being awake, take deep breaths and drink a glass of water. Meditation is also a great way to start the day! Taking a few minutes for oneself can set our minds in the right direction. 

Ideally, mornings should include some form of physical activity. Stretching, yoga or working out could be great ! This will get blood flowing and the release of endorphins, which will during the day protect us against cortisol peaks (a hormone released during stress). It is a natural boost of energy! 

Finally, have a proper breakfast. Your body needs fuel for the day, eating a balanced meal will help hormones stabilise and avoid feeling irritable or fatigued later during the day. Avoid high sugar breakfasts (and sugar crashes) and opt for a fresh fruit, granola and yoghurt bowl. Complex carbohydrates will create a slow and stable rising insulin level making it easier for your body to process. 
Also, try swapping coffee for a Morning infusion! Avoiding caffeine is a great way to prevent feeling agitated and anxious during the day.

How to manage anxiety?

If you do feel anxious during the day, remember that we can always do something to help cope. Here are some of our best tips.

  • Take time off: take a break from whatever is stressing you and clear your mind. Do something you enjoy! Have a moment of relaxation, indulge in a cup of herbal tea and take a pause from your day. This will fuel the brain and will help relieve stress and refresh your energy!
  • Talk to a friend: this will help us relax and get distracted. However, they can also offer alternatives we were not considering. Socialising is a core part of being human, and connecting with others will make stress seem more manageable. 
  • Go for a walk around a park: double benefit from exercise plus connecting to nature!  The increase in blood flow and oxygen intake help our body and mind to relax, reducing the emotional intensity of stress. 
  • Identify the cause of your stress: it is always helpful to understand what is causing it in order to resolve the underlying issue. Being able to take control of the situation will empower you to find solutions. 
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and tobacco: these will only cause more physical stress for your body. 
  • Coping with stress sometimes means to accept. It involves us to adapt to new situations. 

Natural remedies to counter anxiety

At Wilden.herbals, research never stops, we study and test the properties of medicinal herbs to find the most suitable combinations for products that are truly functional.

  • Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) contains adaptogenic properties, this means it increases the body’s ability to better cope with stress by regulating hormonal responses and protecting neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. In other words, it is great to balance stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. 
  • Gingko (Ginkgo biloba) contains brain enhancing properties. Thanks to the presence of antioxidants which act as vasodilator and increase blood flow into the brain. As a result, this helps support memory functions and overall brain health, regulating anxiety and depression. 
  • Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) proposes a relaxing effect. With antispasmodic activity it works to lower the activity in the central nervous system, making the brain able to relax. Ideal to calm nervous anxieties, excitability and hypertension. Biancospino also has cardiotonic properties, meaning it is good for the heart as it also allows a better blood flow!  
  • Chamomile (Chamomilla recutita) has a soothing, relaxing effect and alleviates digestive ailments (many which are symptoms of anxiety). Chamomile is ideal for nervous restlessness and anxiety. Additionally, chamomile also reduces inflammation and swelling.  
  • Mint (Menta piperita) & Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) help ease the digestive symptoms of anxiety. Additionally, they have sedative, antispasmodic and tonic effects allowing an enhanced relaxing experience. 

These are the ingredients that allow us to formulate a natural response to anxiety, an alternative starting from medicinal plants that can relax the mind and rebalance the nervous system. An infusion that can be your best ally to overcome stressful situations, to start a good morning or to accompany you throughout the day.


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