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A practical guide to Christmas with Wilden herbal teas and drinks

To get through the Christmas holiday you need a well-defined tactic. Here are our tips made of herbs, teas and drinks.

Guida pratica alle feste di Natale con le tisane e bevande Wilden

Parties can be a real tour de force. Every year you tell yourself that you will pay more attention to dinners, toasts with friends, close encounters with aunts and their devilish offers. And that moment is here again, but this time Wilden’s herbal teas and drinks are with you, our mission is to help you spend the holidays in peace and lightness. 

Warming up: herbal teas before the holidays

The ABC of parties starts with a very important and often underestimated phase: warming up. As in any self-respecting workout, a good wellness ritual should begin from the very start with our Morning, the herbal tea that will give you the right energy to start the day.

And if you want to feel even better, combine it with our Boost: which is perfect for all the activities you will do (because you will not just be sitting at the table, right?). By the way it also works as an aperitif-appetizer to wet your appetite.

During meals: herbal teas to bring to the table 

Ok, you’re at the table. Now comes the best part: our herbal teas are all extremely versatile but some are more so than others. Take the Focus, for example: based on rosemary, basil and mint, it’s perfect (even cold!) to go with an aubergine parmigiana. Or it might even surprise you in a cocktail, we suggest to pair it with gin.
Same but different: Relax, an herbal tea with plants born and raised in the Mediterranean, it is perfect with a chocolate and rosemary-based dessert or with a lavender muffin.

Between meals: herbal teas and drinks after lunches and dinners

During the holidays, anything might happen: sometimes lunches become dinners. In these cases we recommend a tactical break with our fermented drink, the Frècc Digestive or the Frècc Boost. They will make you feel sparkling again.

To take a break, recharge between meals and find the momentum and lightness needed to face the next dinner, we recommend a Digestive – or a Night to sleep peacefully and to avoid nightmares in the shape of baked pasta.

After the holidays, the key word is purification

Wilden stays with you even when the holidays are over. We believe the post-Christmas period is the hardest to take on. If you had one too many glasses, our advice is to let yourself be lulled by our Hangover. This herbal tea can get you back on track even after a very cheerful evening.

And if you want to start the year with the best possible resolutions, you just have to let yourself be pampered by our Detox, the herbal tea to purify yourself, eliminate toxins and leave the holidays behind.

Happy holidays with Wilden.herbals