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Wilden Gift Box, good ideas for a gift full of well-being

It’s that time of the year again, we are approaching the holidays and you are probably wondering “here we are again, what presents should I give this year?”. Do not despair, you are in great company, especially if you are running out of creativity and believe that you have already considered every possible idea.

When it comes to gifts, we at Wilden have a precise philosophy: to give something precious, authentic and good. Not a gift just to make one, but a gift full of well-being and quality products. We have tried to combine all this in our gift boxes, and now we are going to tell you all about it.

What are Wilden.herbals gift boxes

Gift boxes are very tasty gift ideas. They come as caskets of wonders filled with products selected by Wilden.herbals and ready to give (or to treat yourself!) for Christmas and for any occasion in which you want to give well-being.

Our 2021 gift boxes come in 7 different types and sizes, each one is a treasure chest that encompasses our botanical herbs beverages and lands into a universe of good things, made with the utmost care. 
Each gift box is ready to be shipped – but if you are a company and you want to choose it as a corporate gift, you can customize quantities and products by writing us an email to info@wildenherbals.com

Discover them all

Herbal teas and much more: what you’ll find inside our boxes

The gift boxes best express our philosophy of the healthy and wild and are able to broaden our gaze beyond the botanical world by intercepting products similar to ours.

Together with our herbal teas and drinks, you will find delicacies able to enrich your moment of relaxation: honey, jams and marmalades, biscuits, dried fruit such as hazelnuts and chestnuts, spreads, Baci di Alessandria (a typical Piedmont cookie) and wholemeal flour.

And among the non-food products, there are hand-embroidered placemats, water bottles, handmade ceramic mugs, plant seeds and organic cotton pouches dyed with natural colors.

Wilden gift box partners

We believe that the best things grow together. With our gift boxes we embrace partner companies that, like us, stand out for a creative and artisanal approach to experimentation and a great passion for nature. Their projects are genuine and courageous, a continuous source of inspiration for us.

Inside the Wilden gift boxes you will find the textile and natural products of Paola Barzanò, the organic chestnuts by Prima Colta and the hazelnuts from the Asti hills of Fratelli Durando, the Sicilian jams and marmalades by the Ferrante brothers and the Goodland stone ground flour.

And that’s not all, we still have to mention the water bottles by Kinto, the one-of-a-kind honeys by Mieli Thun, the handcrafted mugs by Morena Ceramics, the Baci di Alessandria by Pasticceria Mamù, the seeds for urban gardens by Piccolo Seeds and the Opera Waiting artisanal biscuits and crispbread.

Who are the Wilden gift boxes for

This year we have updated our gift boxes to surprise you with different formats:

Versatile and designed for people with different lifestyles and routines, our gift boxes are the perfect gift for:

  • the gourmet friend, the one who knows it all about food;
  • the colleague who loves herbal teas at any time and would love to have something to munch on;
  • the one attentive to well-being, for whom organic is the only option;
  • your better half – aware that the gift will be shared!

Discover all of our gift boxes, dedicated to all people who love things done well.