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Making Wilden / Pastry as a product of the territory and of family ties

Wilden.herbals meets producers, chefs, entrepreneurs and realities close to the healthy and wild philosophy. Today we go to Monferrato, in Alessandria, where a family-run pastry shop believes in the simple elegance of local products passionately handmade.

Mamù is a small artisan reality, a pastry laboratory born in 2019 with a well-defined vocation and mission: to interpret traditional desserts using family recipes, enhancing the territory, its products and its producers, and recreating the feeling of home in every bite.

Starting from very few very selected raw materials, in Mamù pastries ethics stand out (even above the technique), aiming to make you feel the warmth of a mother’s embrace, the feeling that even on the darkest days there will always be someone or something to shine a light on you.

In Wilden’s pantry you will find the Baci di Alessandria, a reinterpretation of the most traditional biscuits of the region in a classic or cocoa version. Gold and blue for a super chic mix that we could never get tired of.

How does Mamù come about?

Mamù was born from the desire to give prominence to a territory in all its nuances from its products to its traditions passing through those who live there. Creating something of our own that was able to communicate the emotions we felt as children when we tasted our mother’s sweets was a desire that is born deep, we believe it can be felt in everything we do. We like to think we can reproduce that feeling of love and comfort we felt in her arms and with a slice of her hazelnut cake.

What is the philosophy in the processing of your work?

Mamù was born with a very specific idea: to start with very few raw materials, carefully selected from artisans like us. We are very close to the Slow Food philosophy and we try, at every stage of processing, to be as respectful as possible towards the raw material, those who produce it and those who actually taste our products.

We are artisanal to the core, we really do everything by hand, we don’t use semi-finished products, we don’t start from hazelnut flours or even grains, we are essential in every step, we try to work with the kindness of a mother and the technique of a professional , without neglecting the ethics that we always and in any case prefer.

What connects you to Wilden?

We think that the link with Wilden is in the approach and in the search for simplicity. Creating something simple and good is now the real challenge, we both offer a product that appears to be very simple and therefore very difficult to convey well. Besides, we both take something that is considered almost obsolete and try to make it interesting.

Shaping the taste: an anecdote in your life / profession.

Let’s say that the biggest anecdote is that Mamù was born for fun and a bit as a joke. We set off, unaware of what was ahead of us. Taken by enthusiasm, we began this adventure and we never imagined that it would be so wonderful.

What does “Healthy and Wild” mean to you?

For us it means being extreme in every choice we make, even at the cost of sacrificing technique to be consistent, respectful of those around us and of ourselves.

Try the Baci di Alessandria, Parla Nèn by Mamù