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Wilden.herbals: our tailor-made solutions

One of the first things we stopped thinking about after the launch of our brand was how to meet the needs of those customers who are more not only attentive to brand identity and to sustainability and quality but also request a strong customization. The solution we have found allows us to customize packaging and recipes in order to combine Wilden.herbals’ quality and know-how with our customers’ desire. This is our idea of tailor-made solutions.

Customizing Wilden.herbals

We are a fresh, young, innovative and digital company: that’s what makes us the perfect partner for customized and tailor-made services and consultancies. If you are a business looking for the perfect gift to team members or clients, a small store or a teahouse working on a new line of caffeine-free drinks, or a big partner in search for a dedicated quality product, then you can team up with Wilden.herbals to find the most suitable solution.We have different levels of customization: sometimes it’s enough to modify the packaging,add your logo or an exclusive caption; speaking of which, Wilden.herbals can also modify our biodegradable overwraps with a dedicated visual design. Another possibility is to brand our made in Italy cotton pouch with your brand logo: it fits from 6 up to 30 teabags and the result is a refined, smart, sustainable corporate gift.

Wilden.herbals: tailor-made blends

Wilden.herbals’ Remedia line now include 6 blends that fit every moment of the day: Morning for your awakenings, Night for the relaxing moments, Boost to help your immune system, Digestive after the meals, Hangover to support you after the wildest nights and Focus to find your focus and your well-being in your study or work sessions (discover here all our products). Our solid know-how has allowed us to create and experiment complex blends with well-balanced taste and with synergistic effects.
But we don’t intend to stop here.
Our mission is to make our know-how available to your most specific needs: it’s possible for our partners to ask for our consulting in order to create new unique blends. Plants and nature are our bread and butter and, like true alchemists, we are able to create the perfect magic potion for our client by selecting the best suppliers of medicinal organic plants and the best quality herbs specifically cut for tea on the market. Relying on those who really care about nature is the recipe for happiness (even at work).
If you need it, we can guide you in the creation of a complete line of hot drinks, entirely tailor-made for your project: from the making of the recipes to the selection of raw materials to the choice of the most suitable way to store them and to taste them.

Wilden.herbals: when the packaging makes the difference

Graphic design represents one of Wilden.herbals’ pillars. Our language translates the plants’ one and consists of images, colors and shapes and a captivating visual design. The Wilden team can support you in the creation of customized graphics in order to convey your brand’s values and style in a finished product.
After careful research we have chosen sustainable materials to contain the organic herbs and spices we use to make our products: from the biodegradable overwrap to the fully compostable filter with no synthetic additives and “Ok compost – TUV” certified in compliance with EU law. If sustainability is essential for you too, we will be honored to replicate a virtuous supply chain in a customized way.

Wilden.herbals: high-quality private labels

When we talk about private labels we refer to those products whose brand is different from the company who made the product; here in Italy it’s a constantly growing market that allows consumers who choose a specific brand to trust it, to be aware of its quality and to save money thanks to the advertising and marketing cost reduction. In a market where everyone looks for quality at a reasonable price, private labels can be a valid solution. And for us that’s a fundamental value.

Do you want to know more about our customization services? Write to us at info@wildenherbals.com, we would be happy to study the perfect recipe with you.