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Where to find Wilden herbal teas and drinks in Milan

In Nolo, near the Duomo or on the Navigli. In Milan you can find Wilden.herbals in many selected local restaurants, bakeries or neighborhood shops. What's more, there is also a new way to get it straight to your home.

Wilden is a ‘me’ moment dedicated to well-being that you can indulge in at any time of the day. It is a tasty alternative to have in the morning in your local coffee shop, a way to accompany or end meals at the restaurant, but also the opportunity to take a break comfortably at home whenever you want. 

Finding the right opportunity to drink Wilden herbal teas and beverages is easy, but how do you find the right place to enjoy them on the spot or buy them to always have them with you? You may have shopped through our e-commerce, but perhaps you did not know that there are many other places where you can find us – and that maybe they are right next to you!

This is why we have made a collection of all the establishments that have welcomed our products on their shelves or among their menus. Whether you are a true Milanese or in the city just passing through, in our opinion they are all special places to visit at least once..

Neighborhood and delicatessen shops 

Places of perdition where you can find fresh products, fine brands and above all what you weren’t looking for but which suddenly you can’t do without. Here you could find our herbal teas next to chocolate of exotic origin or perhaps near 0 km vegetables.

  • Macelleria Popolare – piazza Ventiquattro Maggio 4 inside the Mercato Comunale on the Darsena
  • Terroir – via Macedonio Melloni 33
  • Miracolo a Milano – via Stendhal 47
Photo by Terroir

Bakeries and pastry shop

Is there anything more wonderful than the scent of leavened products that meets that of herbs and spices? This is the reason why bakeries and pastry shops seem ideal to us to welcome Wilden products. Here you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with something sweet or savory, as you prefer. 

  • Tondo forno artigiano – via Cola Montano 12
  • Il Mulino di Viva la Farina – via Giovanni Battista Sammartini 2 inside the Mercato Centrale 
  • Eutopia – via Alessandro Volta 19
  • Fòla – via Luigi Varanini 12
  • Gelsomina – via Carlo Tenca 5 and via Fiamma 2
Photo by Eutopia

Restaurants and bars

Wilden throughout the meal, before leaving the table or for a wild and unconventional cocktail.

  • Degustazione ristoro e dispensa – via Tommaso da Cazzaniga 89/A
  • miscusi – with its 6 stores in Milan
  • Motelombroso – Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 256
  • Panino Giusto – with its 18 stores in Milan
  • Pastamadre – via Bernardino Corio 8
  • Ratanà – via Gaetano de Castillia 28
  • Remulass – via Bixio, 21
  • Mare Culturale Urbano – via Gabetti 15
  • Canottieri San Cristoforo – Alzaia Naviglio Grande 122
  • Palinuro Bar – Via Paisiello 28
  • Enoteca Naturale – Via Santa Croce 19/a
  • Meet – viale Vittorio Veneto 2
Foto di Pastamadre

Department stores

Three places where shopping is synonymous with the search for beauty and quality. Here you can find us side by side with the best that the Made in Italy and design products have to offer.

  • Eataly – piazza Venticinque Aprile 10
  • Rinascente – piazza del Duomo
  • Tenoha – via Vigevano 18

Milan is not only the hometown of Wilden.herbals but also a city full of places where you can taste our products at any time. Now it’s your turn: where will you taste us next time?