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Our commitment to climate protection: the projects we support with our Health line

Let us tell you what the carbon neutral label really means and the path we have taken to protect the environment with our Health line

For us it is more than necessary, it is what guides us and inspires us in everything we do. We have a reminder in our name: Wilden is the love for nature and the commitment to protect it. Since its inception, our mission has been to be a sustainable and socially responsible company. And we want to translate these concepts into concrete and visible actions, to us they are not just slogans.

A conscious choice, a philosophy that looks to the future

Let’s start with the materials we choose. When we talk about Wilden we use the terms organic and biodegradable. All Wilden.herbals products come from controlled organic farming and are “ICEA” certified. Wilden.herbals infusions are the result of a journey made up of producers and suppliers who guarantee the highest possible standards, with minimal external inputs to preserve the fertility of the soil and support its natural balances. Even the packaging of our products has been chosen with great care: wrapping, bag, thread, and slip are completely compostable, while the cases are recyclable.(Here we have a dedicated article if you want to learn more about our certifications).

This is true for all of our herbal teas, those in the Remedia line and the Health line, but there is something more that defines our latest products.

A line that pays great attention to its impact on the environment

Despite our virtuous choices, carbon emissions are inevitable and we found that there was still so much we could do. So we trusted ClimatePartner, a company with over 15 years of experience, to direct us toward a new way to remain faithful to our commitment to the environment. That is to measure, reduce and offset the carbon footprint, so as to achieve a zero-sum balance.

This means that ClimatePartner helped us calculate the footprint of each of our products in the Health line (QuieTea, CisTea, PreCycle, NaTeavity), as precisely as possible, gave us important suggestions on how to reduce it, and finally, thanks to certified projects that aim to avoid and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

And if it still sounds a bit abstract, here comes the best part, the one in which we tell you what the projects we have chosen actually do.

The ClimatePartner projects we support

There are two projects that we have chosen in collaboration with Climate Partner. Yes, because in addition to a project that offsets emissions, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic solar modules in India, we also wanted to do something for our local area.

The climate protection project in India

It helps to replace the electricity produced by thermoelectric plants or fossil fuels with photovoltaic solar modules in three Indian federated states (Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnata). Moreover, it also has a positive effect on the local economy, by creating jobs for the construction and management of the plant.

The result? An estimated 329,720 tonnes of CO2 is reduced per year!

The local commitment project in Campo dei Fiori Park (VA)

Following the effects of climate change in the autumn of 2020, it’s the redevelopment of the damaged area near the Sacro Monte di Varese through the cleaning of uprooted trees and new planting of the most suitable tree species that will improve the habitat and biodiversity.

We are particularly keen on this project that is so close to our heart, being a place less than 60 kilometers away from our headquarters in Milan.

Why do we think this is about you too

We have told you about all the stages of our journey with ClimatePartner because we think that taking care of the Planet concerns everyone, starting with the choices we make every day. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as radically changing your lifestyle, it can be as easy as supporting services and products that protect the Planet. From day one, our commitment is to grow together with those who place their trust in us.

If you have any questions or want to receive more information about our Health line or the Carbon neutral label, send us an email at info@wildenherbals.com