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How we designed the new Wilden.herbals Health line of organic herbal teas

Say hello to Health, our new line of products. We take you behind the scenes of this new Wilden project

The Health line is the new Wilden.herbals project that we have launched with 4 functional herbal teas dedicated to the care of specific needs and requirements:

  • QuieTea, to promote calm in times of stress
  • PreCycle, to counteract PMS symptoms
  • CisTea, to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections
  • NaTeavity, to help increase breast milk supply

For the Wilden team, this line marks the beginning of a journey to create products that focus on health and well-being, following each of us in different moments of life – all this thanks to medicinal plants. 

This article tells you how the Health line comes about: inspirations, processes, and what health means to us.

The birth of a new line of organic herbal teas  

The inspiration of the Wilden.herbals Health line takes its cue from various ancient cultures: we started with an analysis of the concept of health and nature.

The recipes of our first 4 Health line herbal teas all have a scientific background, are based on medicinal studies, and faithfully reflect the use of plants in traditional culture. We have verified the efficiency and safety of the plants through sources such as the World Health Organization, the German Kommission E, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

One important thing we are proud to mention: throughout the process, we have maintained a close relationship with consumers we have involved in focus groups, and with specialists in the healthcare sector.

From the idea to the product: all the phases to create the new Health line organic herbal tea

The Wilden.herbals Health line is the result of the study of over 120 medicinal plants, of a great deal of research, and of various moments of trial and test.

It all started more than a year ago, even though it was already in Nicola Robecchi’s mind from the very beginning of Wilden.herbals. Among the people involved, there have been experts, doctors, chiefs, pharmacists, and herbalists. All of them contributed to making this idea concrete until it grew into a solid product. Here we cannot fail to mention Sofia Tertzakian, the developer of the line.

More specifically, the Health line is the result of these phases:

  • research: we went through a selection of 120 plants categorized by function according to different cultures (traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Latin American, Italian, Native American), scientific researches and publications;
  • test: first trials and a further selection of plants based on properties, synergical effect when combined, and aromatic profiles;
  • first prototypes and focus groups: a phase lasting up to 3 months where we had a small focus group taste a beta version of the products. This way we were able to collect the first comments and suggestions;
  • development of the final recipes with a total of 28 plants, plus a larger second focus group: we collected notes on aromas, taste, and effectiveness. This was the stage to also officially commence the study for a coordinated image, packaging and communication.

What health means to us and our mission

What guided us during each phase was the awareness of how nature and health are connected. The definition of health that we feel closest comes from the WHO: a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being; and not the mere absence of disease or infirmity. 

The Health line was born in the same spirit: for us, herbal tea is a positive experience that aims to make people feel good on a physical level, give a good emotional balance, and help maintain a healthy social routine. We don’t consider herbal teas as targeted products for problems or illnesses: we like to think rather that they fulfill a need. With this line, we want to communicate a different message and establish a new relationship with needs, feelings, and signals that come from mind and body.

The aim of this line is to suggest a balanced approach to life that focuses on well-being and natural cycles in a healthy way. That is: being in synergy with the earth and with medicinal plants, through their properties and positive effects on the mind and body.

Healing yourself with herbal teas and medicinal plants: why choose Wilden.herbals

Wilden.herbals is an Italian company that makes herbal teas and drinks based on a careful selection of certified organic herbs. We aim to enhance the value, taste, and millenary culture of medicinal plants.

The botanical blends we formulate have a contemporary taste and scent but at the same time draw on the traditional healing properties of plants. Our mission is to encourage the rediscovery of herbal tea infusions, promoting the pleasure of healthy daily well-being.

Medicinal plants have always had natural properties with positive effects on our health, not only for the body but also for the mind. Within them, we find different elements whose main classes are alkaloids, glycosides, polyphenols, and terpenes. These molecules and structures are critical to achieving the beneficial health effects we seek and value.

It’s always the right time to discover the Wilden.herbals Health line.