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Meet the team: Sofia Tertzakian. The face behind the new pharmacy project

In conversation with our new product developer. Sofia Tertzakian tells how her path was intertwined with the new health line of Wilden herbal teas.

Tell us about your career path

I studied medicine in Argentina, the country where I was born. I graduated very early, at the age of 24, but even before finishing this course of study I already had very clear ideas: my path was not to work in a hospital, I wanted to pursue a different career that was closer to the gastronomic universe, my true passion. I immediately threw myself into an internship experience in a restaurant and I was confirmed that this was indeed the world I truly belonged to. From the first months of my apprenticeship it was clear to me that my particular training was an added value that I would always carry with me.

After graduating, I dedicated myself entirely to the world of catering, doing various internships around the world. I have lived in Bangkok, Copenhagen, Uruguay and Peru, working for very different restaurants, among which there are also some internationally renowned starred ones.

In recent years I have begun to take a special interest in the sustainability of production processes in the gastronomic field and in the universe of officinal plants. I realized that they have something in common: they are two spheres that are closely linked to the concept of community. I felt the need to deepen these topics so I enrolled at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. I attended the Master in World food culture and Mobility, it was an incredible experience that helped me to open my mind and see food not only as a cook but from many different points of view.

How did your collaboration with Wilden came to be and what is your role?

Thanks to the university, I got to know Nicola Robecchi, founder of Wilden.herbals and a former student of the University of Pollenzo. Now I am an integral part of Wilden, I am in charge of the Research and Development project for a new line of products destined to the pharmacy channel. We are creating new functional products dedicated to specific needs that may arise in everyday life by only using plants and their natural active ingredients.

What is a focus group and how can you take part

At the moment we are at the very last stage before giving birth to 4 new products to:

  • relieve anxiety
  • alleviate premenstrual syndrome
  • soothe the pains of cystitis
  • stimulate breastfeeding

During the research phase we have conceived two possible recipes for each product, so we have only one last step left: to test their effect and choose the definitive one. We are confident in the functionality of each recipe because they are based on scientific research and traditional medicines from different cultures such as Chinese, Ayurvedic and Latin American. Now we are interested in knowing how people approach the product, what they think about the taste and its effects.

For us it’s important to share this process, to make it open through the participation of those who already know us or those who have a special passion for this world.

To join our focus group you just have to write us at info@wildenherbals.com indicating which of our new herbal teas you want to try (you can choose up to a maximum of two) and to which address you want to receive our kit. You will receive the samples to be tested for 10 consecutive days. In return we only ask you to answer a questionnaire about taste and functionality of our new recipes.

Healthy and wild is our motto, what does it mean to you?

For me it means getting back in touch with nature. I love observing nature, its mechanisms and how it behaves when no human being interfere with its course. We are part of nature and we should learn from it without manipulating it. Nature is a world to discover: we should have a healthier way to understand and respect it.