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All about health: what we mean with a healthy routine and how to use medicinal plants as a remedy

Health is not only the absence of sickness, but the thriving of wellbeing. Finding a balanced day routine is essential to find physical and emotional welfare.

In this article we will discuss what health is for us at Wilden.herbals and how to approach a balanced routine to enhance our health. 

What is health and what we mean when we speak about it

If we look into the strict definition, healthis defined as the state of being free from illness or injury. Medically speaking, health is the ability to maintain homeostasis (the body’s state of physical and chemical balance that allows for life cycles) and recover from adverse events. However, the WHO has a definition we feel more kindred to:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity”

This means that health is the overall positive experience we are capable of living. Having the possibility of being physically active, carrying normal day to day activities is part of being healthy. Mentally, being able to work and perform normally, as well as being emotionally balanced is key. And finally socially, being able to carry a routine in a social environment while forming and maintaining relationships. To us, health is more than just “not being sick”. Health is finding balance in all aspects of our lives

What it means to have a healthy routine

Promoting a healthy routine is essential to achieve a state of balance. Finding time to connect to nature, taking a pause and having a good relationship with our body is key.

What can we do to be more healthy?

  • Sleep!! Everything starts with a good night’s sleep. Disconnecting from light and technology an hour before bed is recommended to enhance our sleeping experience.
  • Eat a balanced diet: to begin with we need energy for our body to work properly. Additionally, incorporating different foods means we are getting different nutrients into our body which are essential for all bodily functions!
  • Drink water! Do we need to say it? Water is essential in every body function!
  • Engage in active movement: walk whenever possible, take the stairs, perform a sport you enjoy!
  • Feed your mind! Practices like yoga and meditation are also great for brain functions and help avoid stress.
  • Connect with people you care about. Social interactions are key, it releases serotonin in our brain!
  • Whenever possible, choose foods, drinks and products which promote your health! (And avoid toxins like caffeine – herbal teas are a great replacemente!)

How to become more aware in choosing products for our health

Access to information, scientific studies and evidence-based medicine is necessary to understand the true effectiveness of products. Consumer trials, and accreditations are also useful to establish credibility. 

One general rule to follow: any extreme claim is probably too good to be true. Here are a few things to have in mind:

  • Read ingredient lists: products are listed by quantity. The first ingredient is what is used the most. Be aware of ingredient splitting (sucrose and glucose are essentially two sugars, but when named differently it can seem as they are in lower quantities)
  • Choose whole foods: As a general rule, choose foods which you can identify its main ingredients by eyesight. 

Do herbal teas work for our health?

As a result, we have created a new line of herbal infusions to promote health and help us cope with adverse events. 

All plants we use have had a lot of scientific background, evidence based medicine and traditional use to back up their functions. We use trusted sources of information as the World Health Organisation, The German Commission E and the CDC to double check the efficiency and safety of plants. We also work closely with consumer trials and double check with specialists in the health industry. 

On a different level, our products are entirely made of plants! We add no additives, flavours nor oils. This means that by opening one of the teabags and looking into the plants, you would be able to identify all of our ingredients
We also work with trusted accreditations. At the moment we carry the organic certification, as all the ingredients we work with come from these methods of agriculture. Caring for the land is also very important to us! We are currently working to become carbon neutral too.

Additionally, we focus on the infusion being part of an integral approach. We encourage learning about the plants we use and also to understand our bodies’ cycles. Most cures and health benefits do not come from one magical solution, but by a multidisciplinary approach. Connecting with nature, taking a pause and listening to our bodies is essential in the curing process. From Wilden, we want to support you through this process. 

Wilden.herbals Health: medicinal plants as a herbal remedy

Our new line Wilden.health will tackle anxiety, urinary tract infections, premenstrual syndrome and enhance breastfeeding. By studying and learning about different cultures we have selected 28 different plants that can help us through these moments of our lives. Plants like Rhodiola, Uva ursina, Lampone and Finocchio have been used for their effectiveness for millenia. We look forward to sharing this new line towards a multidisciplinary connection with nature.

Some recommended reading to learn more about medicinal plants: 

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