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Herbal bar: our experience with Nike Yoga and Palma Milano events

Wilden.herbals becomes a wellness space during events. We share how we built our custom herbal corner for two different brands and occasions.

We will never tire of saying it. Wilden.herbals is much more than a range of products, it is a philosophy capable of instilling well-being and sustainability.

Our education in a new botany, slowing down and savoring the natural ingredients of life can be seen in everything we do. And the best part comes when we can do it together with other realities that reflect our way of doing things.

This summer we took part in several events in Milan and we want to tell you how we imagined and created them.

Wilden.herbals in partnership with Dérive for Nike Yoga: 3 days dedicated to harmony

We say so through our package: for us, geometric shapes are like an alphabet. We have invented new ones, interpreting the ingredients we use in our recipes. This is why we immediately felt at ease when we were invited as a partner of the GEOMETRIE event in collaboration with Dérive and Nike Yoga. That is 3 intense appointments to explore how the yoga discipline can dialogue with artistic research and electronic music to instill physical and mental well-being. 

In the awesome setting of the Spazio Maiocchi we celebrated the search for stability and symmetry through the sequences of the artist Letizia Scarpello, the music of Stefano Sabla, Davide Tomat and Sara Berts  plus the special breaks with our products.

Each session was dedicated to a precise geometric shape (square, triangle and circle) with the aim of immersing those who participated live (but also those who followed it through the Nike Training Club) in an almost timeless dimension through dynamic and fluid gestures accompanied by hypnotic sound waves.

Our products fit perfectly into this context, helping to remain present during a precious moment of harmony and well-being even during the break. We presented and tasted our herbal teas and fermented herbal drinks.

We told it here too, for us the recipes that best accompany you during concentration and meditation exercises are Detox, Boost and Relax.

Wilden.herbals at the opening of a shop that is more than just a shop: Palma Milano

Few things give us happiness like the opening of a new neighborhood place dedicated to beauty and meeting opportunities. Palma had already chosen Wilden.herbals products for its stores in Rome and Turin, so we were super excited at the idea that it would finally land in the city where we are based, Milan

Yes, we were behind the scenes at the inauguration of this difficult to categorize venue in Porta Venezia, a unique project of its kind – commercial activity, exhibition center and workshop space all rolled into one.

We designed our herbal station that could complement the jungle of plants featured in the store. We brought 3 cold and 3 hot herbal teas with us, to give a taste of our botanical world. Morning, Focus and Digestive in their most classic hot infusion and Boost, Detox and Hangover as cold teas, also perfect for celebrating the last hot days of summer.

We can do so much together

Wilden.herbals is a constantly evolving project. The kaleidoscopic world of medicinal herbs inspires us every day to create something new. And we become even more dynamic if we can shape our ideas together with partners we feel kindred with.

If you are planning special events, markets, inaugurations of cultural spaces or other ideas where we can bring our experience, write to us at → info@wildenherbals.com