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How to make dried fruit with aromatic herbs – a practical guide to food dehydrators

In this article Wilden.herbals takes you to the discovery of all the benefits of drying food and in particular of dried fruit with aromatic herbs.

Do-it-yourself culture, taking care of ourselves in a creative way and preserving food for the winter months: all these ancient practices have been adopted by our ancestors over the centuries. With an incredible outcome: an endless number of recipes to cook and consume out of season.

Fruit and herbs drying process is surprisingly simple thanks to compact food dehydrators. And you can make great things!

Let’s take advantage of the summer season and the market stalls that are abundant with fresh fruits. We suggest you to spend a special Sunday morning making a seasonal mix of dried fruit and aromatic herbs of the most common type.


  • 500 g apricots
  • 500 g plums
  • 500 g pears
  • 10 g rosmary
  • 10 g lavender
  • 10 g sage
  • 10 g thyme 
  • 10 g basil


Cut apricots and plums in half and remove stones, then thinly slice pears (1 cm each slice). 

By cutting aromatic herbs be sure each twig is not longer than 4,5 cm. Arrange fruit on teflon sheets, then on the trays. Set the dehydrator on 60°C for 48 hours and remember to flip the fruit every 12 hours. Let it cool and put everything in a glass jar.

Now you just have to wait for the winter months where all the dried fruit recipes will feel like a warm embrace!