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Food drying at home: a do-it-yourself guide with Tre Spade

It’s easy, sustainable and cheap: there are a lot of advantages in dehydrating food at home. A book by Tre Spade will guide you into all the steps of the home drying process.

Did you know it? Food drying at home can be a child’s play! The concept behind drying is very simple: removing the water from food in order to preserve it for a longer time.

From the ancient Egyptians, true masters of this old art, to our grandmas, keeper of the best secrets to conserve and preserve food, food drying is here to stay. Now it is synonym with Tre Spade Academy, a project devoted to educating consumers to food drying and popularizing the many advantages of having a food dehydrator at home.

Tre Spade Academy is an aggregator created by Tre Spade, a brand with a philosophy very close to Wilden. herbals’. Tre Spade makes food dehydrators, the perfect machines to try this preservation method for the very first time – with your favorite ingredients!

Io Essicco is the title of the book by Tre Spade Academy. Imagine it as a practical guide for both beginners and people curious about the timeless and healthy art of drying. Food drying at home can be really easy but it needs a fundamental thing: patience.

The process of drawing the moisture out of food requires many hours as we have explained here. But you have to know that by drying food you don’t remove all the water but just a good percentage. The essential ingredients of food drying are a moderate temperature and a well-balanced air flow throughout the process. That’s the secret: food doesn’t have to be cooked, that’s why the best dehydrators don’t exceed the temperature of 70°C).

By drawing the moisture out of food, we can slow down the growth of microorganisms and guarantee a longer preservations of the organoleptic properties of fruits, vegatables, herbs, mushrooms, pasta, fish and meat.

But why should we start dehydrating food at home?

According to Tre Spade there are at least 5 good reasons to become interested in food drying:

  • it’s a natural process with no chemical or mechanical processings. It’s the greatest promise for a food storage full of fruit, mushrooms, vegetables (and more!) with their organoleptic characteristics kept intact.
  • it’s simple: everyone could try it!
  • it stimulates creativity
  • it’s sustainable and it reduces food waste
  • it’s a cheap solution and it saves electric energy

Io Essicco is something more than a practical guide, it’s a compact travel mate made of paper.  It will accompany you with tips to create your little home garden and with a lot of recipes. Step by step you will explore a world full of possibilities.

Just think about it: you could have amazing apricots with no sugar added as a healthy office snack year-round. Or aubergines tasting really like aubergines in December (or strawberries, mushrooms or tomatoes!).
Food drying at home is a virtuous practice and is consistent with Wilden.herbals’ principles: starting from food and beverages to find a better world.

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