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Wilden. herbals Gift Boxes: inside the box

From breakfast to the good night herbal tea: Wilden. herbals Gift Boxes are with you all day. Discover which gift box fits you better.

Wilden.herbals gift boxes accompany you all day: from breakfast to goodnight bedtime tea. A break is not just a moment of suspension from normal daily activities.

A break is something more than just a suspended moment from your daily routine. Taking a break means to show respect and to dedicate time to yourself, like a rite and an act of love – be it in the morning or before getting to bed.

Wilden. herbals is not just a company specialized in organic herbal teas, it’s a movement. It starts from the depths of our hearts, following a constant search for that well-being we miss more and more in our lives.

Our lives move on with frenzy rhythms and at a relentless pace. We have so little time for ourselves that our breakfast is nothing more than a snack, without that slowness of awakening everyone should cultivate.

Wilden.herbals: the Breakfast Box

In order to make breakfast a true breakslow, Wilden. herbals has created a special gift box: the Breakfast Box. Combined with the Night/After Box (perfect to end your day with a bang), the Breakfast Box is for those mornings, soft yet full of appointments. It’s for those people willing to combine the daily routine and a pleasant awakening in a more harmonic way.

Wilden Breakfast Box

A box of our Remedia herbal teas, a pack of biscuits, jam and honey. Depending on the size chosen, items may vary – but the quality is always guaranteed!

The Breakfast Box is for a healthy and tasty breakfast. As the saying goes: the early bird catches the worm, so let’s start the day with us!

Gift Box Wilden.herbals: what’s inside

Breakfast Box Medium

A Remedia case, but also biscuits, jam and honey. Depending on the format chosen, the content may vary, but only in quantity, because the quality will remain the same. The Breakfast box is precisely designed for a tasty and virtuous breakfast. If the morning has gold in its mouth, Wilden.herbals knows how to make the breakfast ritual an always unique moment.

Wilden.herbals: the box for the night

Night/After Box

For the night owls, here’s our Night/After Box, a cuddle before getting to bed. Dried fruit, savoury pre-dessert and honey make this box perfect to maintain your well-being and to end a night with friends or a dinner that lasted too long.

Eager to know more? Take a look here and choose the box that is right for you.