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Making Wilden: Opera Waiting

Wilden.herbals meets makers and artisans close to the “healthy and wild” philosophy. Today we are in Tuscany where Opera Waiting has started a leavened products revolution.

Restarting from simple things, revolutionizing the way we live. Behind every little cultural action, it lies a true passion. It’s the respect for nature that moves our projects and those makers close to Wilden herbals’ vision. The fil rouge binding them is the desire to see the world with new eyes. That’s one of their stories.

Opera Waiting isElisa e Gabriele. They started to do experiments with food in 2013, filled with the same willingness of those debutants who love what they do and don’t intend to stop. Together with Piero Sisti and Gianluca, Elisa and Gabriele set up an experimental lab to play with food pairings and to propose new and original combinations. Theirs are not only leavened products: in Opera Waiting we find nature, sourdough, a short production chain and an everlasting love. Here’s to you Opera Waiting’s story.

Opera Waiting: nature, mother yeast, short supply chain and imperishable love

What is your philosophy?

We believe things have to be done in a 100% natural way. That’s why our products are handmade from A to Z. It’s a gigantic work, and we have to confess it’s kind of crazy. We clashed with actual production and preservation limits but the result is unique in its kind, above all comparing it with breakfast or recurring leavened products.
We started from water and flour just like at home, with a little bit of naivety. Later we found out that everything was too complex to manage and that we needed to do a lot of research on natural preservation and short production chain. Sourdough can be a bit hard to handle! We believe our product is sincere and full of life!

What does rediscovering soil mean to you now?

For us it means to do a lot of research, to have a direct contact with all the manufacturers of flour, butter, eggs. It’s all about talking and discussing with them, becoming friends, being supportive. It’s easy to put the “natural” label on products while the real concept is discovering and protecting a world of know-how. It’s a fundamental value that requires certain times and kindness.

A childhood memory with food

It’s a family matter. Gabriele and Gianluca’s dad was a baker; when Gabriele was born, his parents started to make bread and they have dealt with flours for 40 years. They’ve developed an innate passion for leavening-products and they’ve become leavening specialists: Gabriele couldn’t do anything different. There’s always a natural exchange between research and innovation, family tradition and experience.

How do you make your products? 

We have no rules! As my friend H. says: “a newfound love keeps you awake at night”. We see creative possibilities everywhere: they come from a single ingredient, from a client’s specific request, from a chit-chat at dinner. We are highly motivated and passionate in what we do.

What does healty and wild mean to you?

To hell with stereotypes! Let’s go forward and remain coherent with what you love from the beginning till the very end!