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Wilden’s textile accessories: the poetry of natural colors and materials

The textile collection by Wilden and Paola Barzanò combines nature and lifestyle, it’s the perfect choice for your home, for going shopping or to take out during your wildest journeys.

There is a thread that links the world of infusions to textile accessories. Wilden’s philosophy has always revolved around the concepts of wildness, research and nature: when we started creating the recipes for our organic herbal teas, it was clear to us that the world of plants in all its aspects could enclose and reveal the whim of nature, a precious, rich world from which we have so much to learn.

This is why we decided to explore it: the Remedia line of herbal teas was born from the plants, then experimentation led us to Frècc botanical fermented drinks. This world, in constant transformation, has accompanied the evolution of the Wilden.fabrics line: a collection of precious textile accessories, curated and signed by Paola Barzanò, an artist and architect who has been collaborating with us at Wilden for years to create a unique line of ever evolving products. 

Wilden.fabrics, accessories that want to weave a relationship with nature

Respecting nature for us means being able to discover it in its most authentic essence. Embrace it, nourish ourselves through it and above all weave a dialogue with its elements. Together with Paola Barzanò we thought of this collection as a means to share the values of respect and love for nature and the environment and to tell the energy of plants in the form of a textile product.

Each piece is unique and you can sense it also from the unrepeatable shades and variations of color that gives the feeling of holding nature in your hands: from the fabric (organic cotton, linen, hemp or recycled wool) to the technique (hand dyeing according to ancient recipes , eco-friendly printing or even hand embroidery), everything gives shape to a concept of sustainability with an artisan and loving look.

The result? Let’s find out together product by product.

Apron, table mats and more: the sustainable accessories to show off at home or anywhere you go

Versatility: this is the word we have always kept in mind when designing the products of the Wilden.fabrics textile collection. Together with Paola Barzanò we have thought of a series of products that are perfect at home but also ideal for any occasion outside.

The collection includes the natural color apron made of heavy linen with a large pocket in front: wear it in the kitchen or in the garden; then the natural pillow made of hemp with cherry stones inside: dyed with natural colors extracted from plants; two  table mats hand-embroidered with Wilden’s iconic shapes and colors: perfect for a breakfast but also to take with you on a picnic; and finally, the pouch, a multipurpose bag in organic cotton, silk and nettle, colored with yellow earth, red earth or green earth.

Bags and shoppers: accessories for your sustainable and conscious shopping

A large part of the textile creations is dedicated to shoppers, bags with a thousand uses that can be interpreted according to your mood, your personality and, why not, your routine and your lifestyle.

There’s the Wild Shopper made of recycled wool with a trapezoid base and with two straps to hold the Kinto x Wilden.herbals thermos in place, made with orange and green textile scraps. Then the Herbal Shopper, an organic cotton shopper bag with eco-friendly digital print with Wilden’s iconic graphics (plants, herbs and spices), with its cheerful spirit and modern character, is ideal to be carried around in the city, for your shopping, or in the nature, during your wildest travels. Last but no least, one of the latest arrivals, the Wild Natural Shopper, a heavy pure linen shopper bag, hand-dyed with natural earth colors (yellow or red): like the Wild Shopper, it has two straps to place the Kinto thermos, and is perfect for day-to-day use in the office, gym or grocery shopping.

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