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Wellness Shot + herbal tea Remedium n.3 – Digestive

Thirsty for health? We present a new equation to quench it: fruit plus herbal tea means wellness all the way

The ultimate recipe for getting through hot days or for all those times when you need a sip of pure energy. We at Wilden also wanted to follow the green bar trend, but in our own way! That’s why we combined the power of fruit with our Digestive herbal tea for a shot of authentic natural wellness.

Julia, Wilden’s chef and collaborator, was looking for a refreshing and original recipe that with just a few ingredients and a few steps could give maximum vitality and health. That’s why she combined the vitamins of pineapple with the power of licorice, sage and fennel from our Digestive herbal tea. Just one sip is enough to recharge your batteries, help your immune system and digestion. We recommend drinking it as you would a proper shot, in a small glass, perhaps even kept refrigerated and pleasantly chilled, but if you prefer to savor each individual ingredient and sip it slowly, you won’t miss any of its benefits!

One recommendation… well, actually two! First off, a clarification: to benefit to the fullest this recipe, it is essential to use real pineapple juice of the best quality, possibly freshly extracted, avoiding that from concentrate, which can contain a lot of sugar. The second is that the Digestive herbal tea bag, after this preparation, is still in its full capacity for taste and benefits, use it for a hot or cold cup of herbal tea!



  1. Prepare a concentrated hot infusion by infusing 1 teabag of Digestive in 200 ml hot filtered water (90 C) for 20 minutes. 
  2. Remove the teabag (making sure to squeeze out any remaining liquid) and chill the concentrated infusion in the fridge. 
  3. When cold, add the pineapple juice and stir. High quality pineapple juice is recommended! 
  4. Pour into shot glasses, or any small glass of your choice, sip and enjoy. Makes 4 servings, 100 ml each.